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BIC Process Design

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The key to business success lies in managing your processes. Companies that have recognized this rely on the market leader for professional process management: BIC Process Design. Whether process modeling, analysis, optimization, communication or control of your company processes - BIC Process Design is the best choice for your process management in every respect.


The intelligent control center for managing your processes

Many companies still depict their business processes in simple graphic programs. But digitalization has never started with Microsoft PowerPoint or Excel. To exploit the true potential out of your processes, you need to model, analyze and optimize your workflows in a targeted and continuous way. Build a digital process landscape that covers your entire organization with our unique process management software BIC Process Design - and keep your processes under control at all times. What you model today, employees around the world will implement step by step tomorrow. That is BPM and process modeling at its best!

Modern design. Intuitive handling.
Powerful BPM software.

With its extensive features, the system is the key for a successful digital transformation of your company. You run through all essential steps of business process management in a BPM solution with a unique look and feel.

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Model your processes as easy as never before and benefit from meaningful reports of your process data

  • Create an optimal basis for professional and successful process and quality management with our software solution - uncomplicated, intuitive and with maximum comfort for modelers, administrators, analysts, business users and auditors
  • Get started right away: Thanks to the clear navigation, you can start process modeling directly and without prior knowledge and choose from an extensive set of notations, such as BPMN 2.0, EPC or DMN
  • Benefit from the detailed presentation of your process data in the form of KPI reports, reliably uncover weak points and identify previously unknown optimization potentials of your business processes
  • Make the most of synergy effects and use the plug-and-play interface to SAP SolMan to link process management with your ERP management

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Experience absolute transparency and best possible collaboration in the personalizable process portal

  • Achieve great things as a team: The integrated collaboration function supports you in building and optimizing your process landscape together with your colleagues
  • Live active communication: With the modern designed process portal you communicate current information directly to the whole company or to customers and suppliers - all over the world
  • Intuitively navigate through the BPM tool's attractive user interface and create easy access for all employees to the information they need to execute their processes thanks to personalized dashboards
  • Ensure first-class traceability of complex business processes thanks to the transparent representations of information, e.g. as a table or checklist

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Sit back and relax: Automated review and approval workflows let you control your process management as if by magic

  • Always stay in control: With the intelligent governance functions in the tool, you control your process landscape effortlessly and comply with all quality standards with ease
  • Save valuable time: Use automated approval workflows for recurring and routine processes without having to track checks and approvals with high effort and document them manually
  • Easily set rules and responsibilities in the tool and ensure compliance with internal and external requirements - while increasing your company's success
  • Get an overview: Plan, edit and monitor your to-dos clearly in your personal task area and use the option to delegate tasks, appoint deputies or put certain tasks on re-submission

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No more chaos: manage all information in one place with sophisticated document management

  • Create a central repository for your documents to manage your files transparently and easily, and connect them directly to your modeled processes
  • Prevent email and filing chaos, even without complicated system integrations, and avoid time-consuming searches by reducing the complexity of your information management
  • Save time when uploading documents: Easily upload your files using drag and drop and organize them via intelligent workflows with simple rights management
  • Adhere to all quality standards: With the innovative document integration, you maintain your documents quickly and easily, ensure that they are up-to-date, and at the same time provide audit-compliant and central management, review and approval of your documents

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Experience the latest and greatest generation of process management with BIC Process Design

Create the prerequisite for the long-term success of your company with BIC Process Design and design your business processes simply and efficiently. Try our free 30-day trial today and convince yourself of the distinctive process management software.

Strengthen process management
> Model processes intuitively
> Notation freely selectable
> Integration with SAP possible
Save time
> Quick access to all information
> Manage documents centrally
> No long processing time
Ensure quality
> Maintain internal & external standards
> Automate checks & approvals
> Identify optimization potential
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For the third time in a row: GBTEC's BPM software in the Gartner Market Guide for Enterprise Business Process Analysis Software

With BIC Platform, we are listed as Representative Vendor in Gartner's Market Guide for Enterprise Business Process Analysis (2020). The Market Guide names 16 representative software suites for the modeling and analysis of digital business processes. According to Gartner, BIC Platform is mainly tailored to the use case digital operations. Gartner says that EBPA suites in this use case serve as center for digital transformation by coordinating other IT systems and resources, and raise the agility of companies. The intuitive operation and the easy connection of process models are named as special product features of BIC Platform.

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