BIC BPM-Suite Ensures Controlled Process Flow for the Aduno Group

GBTEC and the Aduno Group were awarded the Process Solution Award in the Process Modeling category. This project with the Swiss financial services company was thereby recognized by the independent expert jury of the Community for Organization (gfo) for being especially innovative and exemplary. "We are delighted with this award and would like to thank the Aduno Group for putting their trust in us for this joint project,“ said Marc Stromberg, GBTEC AG Key Account Manager.

Aduno BPM

Using BPM to Ensure Compliance with Important Regulatory and Banking-Industry Requirements
In an effort to ensure their quality of service on a long-term basis as well as to improve business processes, the Aduno Group elected to introduce a professional Business Process Management System (BPMS). By generating a high volume of documentation for management and support processes, important documentary requirements for regulatory and bank-specific compliance were also able to be met. Current statutory regulations required that the processes be made transparent.

The Professionalization of BPM – from Visio to BIC
Following more than ten years of process modeling using Visio, the Aduno Group was given the go-ahead to evaluate a professional process management tool, and has successfully implemented one, in the form of the BIC BPM Suite. The chief focus was primarily on the documentation and analysis of business processes, optimizing them where necessary, and then the dissemination of this information to employees. There were also additional requirements in the areas of quality assurance, user-friendliness, and risk management based on worldwide COSO standards. With the BIC Portal (publication) and Design (modelling) modules, along with the Governance module (process automation and control), the groundwork was laid within the company for holistic process management.

External and Internal Challenges
The business processes within the Aduno Group are influenced and controlled by a variety of stakeholders, both internal and external. Here, the challenge was the coordination of and approval process for everyone involved. BIC Design was deployed for displaying different levels in the portal and for presenting detailed role concepts. The roles defined were: Process Owner (approx. 40), Process Manager (approx. 100) und Process User (approx. 850). The specific levels, roles, and owners were defined and personalized in accordance with the wishes of the customer. BIC Document was also custom-configured and gradually introduced as the document control and versioning tool for the Aduno Group. This tool intelligently links documents to BIC Platform content.

EDEN Maturity Supports Status and Potential Reporting
Process-oriented analyses were conducted regularly throughout the entire project, including the EDEN maturity assessment. This helped to ensure process orientation within the company and provided a guideline for further process management development. The model consisted of 170 individual criteria, which were evaluated by means of a questionnaire. According to the success with which the individual criteria were met, a certain level of maturity could be determined for the company or the process being analyzed. In the Aduno Group, this assessment revealed that the current BPM status was capable of being expanded. It was determined that the assessors were qualitatively good, but that their expertise was not being put to sufficient use. Group management used the analysis as a springboard for a discussion regarding the areas of focus that are needed in process management, and worked with GBTEC AG on a project plan to further improve process management. This led to the next step, in which BIC Platform was adapted to the specific requirements of the company.

Efficiency Analysis Enables Optimization of Core Processes
Essential documentation provided an efficiency analysis, allowing operational service creation processes to be monitored both at the branch level and across all Group locations. The Aduno Group carried out the assessment step-by-step over a period of six months. The steps determined to be necessary for further improvement included intensive training for individual teams and employees, automation of manual tasks, and the elimination of unnecessary interfaces within the BPM system. Overall, the efficiency analysis and its results, along with optimization measures, led to leaner and more effective process management at the Aduno Group.

Tangible Benefits of the BIC BPM Suite
Since its implementation, the BPM system has been supporting essential functions and requirements within the Aduno Group‘s core business activities. As a result of process optimization, a significantly accelerated process flow has been achieved. In addition, task duplication has been avoided, search times have been significantly reduced, and as a result of process connection to the ICS, risks and the potential costs associated with them have been significantly reduced. Process documentation has contributed greatly to the fulfillment of bank-specific requirements, thereby securing business activities. The objectives for the implementation of a BPM system have been successfully met, resulting in a continuous improvement process (CIP). The processes thereby undergo on-going review and are adapted to changes in conditions.

Planned Further Expansion to Process Management at the Aduno Group
With the implementation of BIC Platform, the Aduno Group has put a professional process management system in place. The current implementation has been successfully completed, and now the Aduno Group can focus entirely on process optimization. For additional expansion, BIC Monitor is currently under consideration for use in measuring and optimizing processes. In addition, the implementation of process cost calculation is being worked on in collaboration with the finance department. This will serve to provide a clearer picture of the economic benefits of process optimization.

About the Aduno Group

The Aduno Group offers a complete range of products and services for non-cash payments from a single source: from card issuance (Viseca Card Services SA) and card acceptance, through payment terminals (Aduno SA), to private credit and leasing (cashgate AG) and deposit guarantees (AdunoKaution AG and SmartCaution SA). As one of the leading companies for both private and business customers, the Aduno Group is a fair and transparent partner. The Group is one of the largest Swiss cantonal and retail banks (Raiffeisen Group, all cantonal banks, Migros Bank, Bank Cler, regional banks, as well as private and commercial banks).

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