First Steps in GRC Management

You want to minimize risks and thus prevent your organization from possible damage? With BIC GRC, you can easily capture, assess and monitor risks, define control measures and ensure compliance. The following steps will show you how to get started and assist you in implementing your governance, risk and compliance management.

Step 1: Start BIC GRC

Register for the 30-day trial version and log in with the provided login details at the BIC GRC logon screen. If you are already a BIC customer, enter your login details as usual.

Step 2: Familiarize yourself with the welcome screen

After successful login, you will automatically be taken to your personalized welcome screen. Here, you will find an overview of your upcoming and open tasks. In addition, useful evaluations of your currently running processes and workflows are displayed in the tool.

Step 3: Capture your first risk

To capture your first risk, click on "New Processes" in the explorer on the left side and select the button "New Risk". A form will automatically open. Here, you can describe the risk using predefined criteria. A distinction is made between the individually configurable context of the risk and the principal risk category. When capturing a new risk, it is particularly important to maintain the data of those involved since they will be responsible for releasing the risk. A risk that has already been captured in a process in BIC Process Design can be transferred to BIC GRC and is automatically linked via the "Link to risk context" field.

After filling in all required fields, click on "Submit form" to create the risk.

Step 4: Trigger the risk workflow

When capturing the risk and submitting the form, the risk is created in the risk catalog and at the same time the associated workflow is triggered in the software. In addition to the initial risk registration, the workflow includes the risk assessment, the risk release, the action management and the registration of an associated control. In order to fulfill all compliance requirements, the predefined forms of all workflow stages have to be filled in by the respective responsible. The associated controls can be found in the control catalog.

More information about GRC

You can find a lot of additional assistance in our extensive online help. With a single click on the question mark symbol at the top, the help can be opened directly in BIC GRC.

You are interested in further information about our products or topics such as GRC or BPM? In our download area, you will find everything you want to know about the BIC Platform as well as useful information on all related subject areas. Learn more now!


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