Automated Data Protection Management with BIC Data Protection

Do you want to professionalize data protection management across your organization in a way that is fast, affordable and 100% compliant? Then discover BIC Data Protection (formerly risk2value DPMS Solution) as part of our BIC GRC Solutions webinar series! BIC Data Protection is the automated, audit-proof data protection tool to professionally manage EU GPDR requirements. Its user-friendly interface enables users to work intuitively while saving valuable resources.

Webinar (On Demand)

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This webinar has been held in German.
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Our webinar will show how BIC Data Protection helps you proactively uphold legal requirements and solve your challenges in protecting sensitive data. You will get an overview on how to automatically manage data protection activities and generate added value for your company:

  • Maintain an overview of all tasks related to data protection at all times
  • Evaluate data protection risks as gross or net losses
  • Create reports on data breaches automatically
  • Minimize administrative data protection processes effectively

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