Business Strategy Optimization:
Opportunity and Risk Simulation with
BIC Enterprise GRC

BIC Enterprise GRC offers innovative features for simulating opportunities and risks. These allow you to depict a vivid picture of your business reality, making it easier to understand the effects of different measures and aiding in strategic decision-making. With the integration of opportunity and risk simulation in our ready-to-use software, you will not only be able to assess your company’s risk situation more accurately but also fine-tune your business strategy for optimal results.

07.03.2024 10:00
45 Min.
Webinar (Live)

Available in German

This webinar will be held in German.
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Join our live webinar and discover how our ready-to-use BIC Enterprise GRC software can enhance the quality of your risk assessments, generating real value for your company. Learn how to obtain reliable results by carefully evaluating events, exploring both risks and opportunities. This enables you to easily determine the impact of individual measures and increase planning certainty within your organization. 

Explore the benefits of opportunity and risk simulation with BIC Enterprise GRC:

  • Learn how our software enables detailed assessment of events, focusing on risk and opportunity values.
  • Enjoy user-friendly features for effortless evaluations of risks, shining a light on potential opportunities. 
  • Benefit from portfolio simulations, gaining a comprehensive overview of your business environment.
  • Understand how to define the individual impacts across multiple risks. 
  • Discover how opportunity and risk assessments enhance the accuracy of risk evaluations, enabling well-informed business decisions

Improve your simulation results and achieve greater accuracy in predicting the effects of measures with BIC Enterprise GRC. Develop effective business strategies on a solid foundation using our optimized evaluation of opportunities and risks.

Join our webinar from the convenience of your office or while on the move, where you can ask our BIC Internal Control experts your questions in real time. Participation in the webinar is free of charge and will be conducted via the “GotoWebinar” video conferencing platform.

The speakers

Ronald Prahs
(Head of Presales)

Connect with Ronald:

Marcin Fijalkowski
(GRC Solution Architect)

Connect with Marcin:

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