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Join us at the CPS 230 Summit VIC 2024 in Melbourne on July 24 to experience a day of thought-leadership discussions while tackling the new prudential standard CPS 230 in Operational Risk Management.

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Strengthening operational risk and resilience practices

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to glean insights from industry leaders and take part in interactive conversations. Mark your calendars, invite your peers, and prepare to hear practical examples from a variety of organizations in the banking, insurance and superannuation sectors. Register for this event here.

Key Topics on the Day

More than 12 influential speakers will share their expertise through case studies and interactive sessions. They will discuss challenges, trends, and solutions in core areas such as:

  • Navigating the evolving operational risk & resilience landscape 
  • Uplifting and advancing critical operations & business continuity plans
  • Strengthening service provider oversight, management & relationships
  • Strategies for implementation & key learnings from the journey so far 
  • Next steps to ensure compliance readiness


Find here  all further information about the CPS 230 Summit in Melbourne. 

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