Empowering Collaboration - How to bring Senior Leaders and Teams along the BPM Journey

Join our exclusive session and get prepared to embark on a transformative journey toward Business Process Leadership and fostering collaboration within your organization. In this engaging webinar, we'll be guiding you in assessing and enhancing your organization's BPM adoption and equip you with a handful of practical frameworks to use.

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24.11.2023 05:00
60 Min.
Webinar (online)


In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, having a robust BPM strategy and collaborative tools in place is not an advantage; it's the key to informed decision-making and driving successful organizational transformations. Come join our exclusive session and prepare yourself for an enriching journey into the world of Business Process Leadership and the cultivation of collaboration within your organization. In this captivating webinar, we will lead you through the process of evaluating and improving your organization's BPM adoption, equipping you with a set of valuable, hands-on frameworks. Furthermore, we give you a short introduction to BIC Process Design and showcase how intuitive its features of collaboration and onboarding are. 

Key Takeaways

  • Expert Session with Dr. Wasana Bandara, Associate Professor QUT
  • Introduction and Deep Dive into BPM Leadership and Culture 
  • How to engage Senior Leaders and Team along the BPM Journey 
  • Interactive Live Q&A 
  • Learn about BIC Process Design and its intuitive way of collaborating with your team 

Join us to learn from industry experts, who will share their knowledge on how to tackle the next step on your BPM journey. To secure your spot in this webinar, simply fill out the registration form below. Once registered, you'll receive a participation link via email. 


The speakers

Daniel Rayner
(Managing Director GBTEC APAC)

Connect with Daniel:

Dr. Wasana Bandara
(Associate Professor QUT)

Connect with Wasana:

Jason Gonce
(Sales Manager GBTEC APAC)

Connect with Jason:

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