Digitalization of your processes with BIC Process Mining

Different IT systems, confusing process data and a lack of transparency often lead to opaque business processes and cause inefficiencies, errors and bottlenecks. As a result, it is hardly possible to predict and monitor process performance and identify deviating processes. With Process Mining you bring light into the dark and make previously hidden processes visible. Learn about the potential of Process Intelligence in our 60-minute free webinar.


In this webinar we will explain how you can use BIC Process Mining and the integrated Data Science method to gain valuable insights from the real-time data of your IT systems and implement process improvements in a targeted manner. Find out how Process Intelligence can help you identify weaknesses, bottlenecks and unnecessary duplication of work in your company. Get to know our new BIC product and look forward to the following contents: 

  • Possible uses and fields of application of Process Mining
  • Simple acquisition of process data from different source systems
  • Extensive evaluation and processing of real process data
  • Automatic conversion of process data into BPMN 2.0 process models
  • Implementation of extensive KPI analyses
  • Detection of weak points and optimization potentials

Stop groping in the dark and unleash the full potential of your processes with BIC Process Mining.

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