BIC Data Protection: The business side

BIC Data Protection was developed to ensure compliance with GPDR, national regulations, the guidelines and recommendations of the European Data Protection Board (formerly Art 29 Working Party) as well as the decisions of European supervisory authorities. BIC Data Protection taps the hands-on experience that GBTEC employees have gained in various implementation projects. Our solution contains the following data protection tools for a holistic implementation.

Create a process directory

  • BIC Data Protection offers workflows to support the task of recording data processing activities
  • Automatic notifications show if a data protection impact assessment is necessary or not
  • Additional documents are stored directly in BIC Data Protection during data processing to ensure efficient administration
  • Thanks to the audit-proof directory of processes, everything is ready for further examination by supervisory authorities
  • The turnkey authorization concept also makes it easy to provide external consultants or authorized representatives access to BIC Data Protection

Administer order processing

  • Record new order processing contracts quickly and easily
  • Use workflows to integrate different departments in the data protection organization
  • Administer order processing contracts alongside the respective directory of processes as the processor
  • Import historical data easily to BIC Data Protection with Excel

Record technical and organizational activities

  • Technical and organizational activities are recorded directly in BIC Data Protection to reveal areas that may need optimization
  • The time and work needed to enter these data processing activities is minimal since they are linked to the technical and organizational activities that have already been entered in the solution

Conduct data protection impact assessments

  • One or more people can conduct a data production impact assessment directly in BIC Data Protection
  • Employees can be added to a data production impact assessment without needing to grant any user permissions beyond this task
  • Data protection impact assessments can be linked to the respective data processing activity to transparently visualize correlations

Record data breaches and report them to supervisory authorities

  • BIC Data Protection contains an intelligent risk evaluation to quickly classify a data breach
  • A PDF report containing all information on the breach can be generated with just a click and submitted to authorities
  • Automatic email notifications increase sensitivity among colleagues

Processing the rights of data subjects

  • Reducing the time and work required to process data protection obligations builds acceptance for data protection
  • BIC Data Protection can also be used as a ticket system driven by a workflow to process the rights of data subjects
  • With BIC Data Protection, companies avoid any escalations with supervisory authorities

Document actions

  • Defining suitable actions and the person responsible for them helps anchor data protection throughout the organization
  • BIC Data Protection provides an overview of the actions and their effects on data protection processes at all times

Stay informed through dashboards and reports

  • Data protection dashboards monitor all recorded data protection processes in real time
  • Reports are generated with the touch of a button
  • Automatic workflow relays enable process automatization

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