The Cerberus Project

Critical infrastructures play a decisive role in maintaining important societal processes such as ensuring the everyday supply of essential goods and services. In the past ten years, the links among these critical infrastructures have tightened even further, which leads to a highly complex, sensitive network with various interdependencies.

A single incident within a critical infrastructure can have far-reaching consequences that affect several other infrastructures as well as society as a whole. Identifying, analyzing and evaluating possible cascading effects that could result from incidents like these is an important requirement for risk management of critical infrastructures.

These issues were addressed through CERBERUS, a project which ran from September 2016 through November 2018 under the coordination of the Austrian Institute of Technology.  Aside from GBTEC (formerly avedos), other active partners included: Alpen-Adria University, The University of Vienna, IFES (Institute for Empirical Social Research) GmbH, The Austrian Federal Agency for State Protection and Counter Terrorism, and the Austrian Ministry for National Defense and Sport.


The objective of CERBERUS was to enable the collection and visualization of relevant safety information for the purpose of object protection. The focus lies in simulating dependencies among critical infrastructures in order to analyze the spread of threats. This information is integrated in a risk model (under careful consideration of possible cascading effects) to provide a holistic risk assessment for the entire network of critical infrastructures. This can be fulfilled through a reference guideline that is based on international standards and guidelines for object protection and used to identify specific security measures for the infrastructure.


  • Developing interdependencies graphs for critical infrastructures
  • Developing a risk indicator for critical infrastructures
  • Developing a resilience indicator for critical infrastructures
  • Defining a reference guideline for object protection

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