Improve decision-making by linking strategy management to governance, risk and compliance

By connecting strategy, quality and sustainability with traditional GRC management domains in a comprehensive strategic GRC management system, companies can ensure the joint alignment of various disciplines and responsible business units.

Strategy Management

What is the added value of strategy management for companies?

Strategy management focuses on the development, planning and implementation of organizational goals. It shapes the company’s overall strategic direction to provide guidance and security in planning. Organizations that develop and provide guidelines and reference models on all levels of the organization will achieve the goals defined by strategic management. Strategy management also ensures a logical distribution of the available resources to maximize the potential goal achievement rates.

How does strategic management tie in with GRC?

Strategy management assists companies in optimizing the way they generate value. This management process, however, is not typically included in the common definition of GRC, which is limited to governance, risk and compliance processes in the narrowest sense (i.e., risk management, internal control system, security management, compliance management and audit management). Although strategy management has close ties to the internal control system and risk management processes, it primarily focuses on the qualitative aspects of goal achievement.

Sharpen your strategy with BIC GRC Solutions

Use our strategy management software BIC to fully utilize, maximize and generate new potential in both your strategic and GRC management.

Strategy management backed by the software BIC facilitates decisions regarding the measures for achieving organizational goals on both C-suite and department levels. By integrating this process into your GRC strategy, you ensure an optimal distribution of tangible and non-tangible resources and effectively control the steps taken.

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