Easy start in the BIC GRC Solutions

Intuitive handling through interactive,
step-by-step instructions

The BIC GRC Solutions provide interactive instructions to guide users through the tool step by step.
This makes it easy to understand and edit complex GRC processes.

Faster implementation with BIC GRC Solutions

Training your users directly in the tool reduces the need for formal training – and any travel times and costs involved. Users are guided through the processes and assessments in BIC, which quickly builds short and long-term acceptance for the tool. Tasks are taught in a way that is easy to understand. Your users receive direct training each time they enter the system and are enabled to complete their tasks in the BIC GRC Solutions (formerly risk2value). The support within the software increases performance and drives automatic task fulfillment without training or manual reminders.

Risk management step by step

For users

Users profit from intuitive instructions throughout BIC, which prepare and explain each step of the workflow. BIC highlights individual elements in the software's interface and guides the user to take the desired action – for example, a click, completion of a text field, or a drag-and-drop action. This intuitively guides users through the application without having to first complete a series of trainings. Important information is provided at the exact moment it is needed and the user is supported with background business or technical information on the process at the right places. Since this all takes place live in the software, users learn to work with BIC effectively while completing their tasks more easily. 

For administrators

Administrators can create and edit individual instructions in the BIC GRC Solutions without any programming knowledge. These tours are created in an intuitive recording mode that automatically generates the instructions through a click path. Individual steps can be added, edited and deleted in real time. Conditional paths based on task requirements can also be created. Once a tour has been set up, users across the organization can access it directly.

Managing tours in the dashboard

The dashboard provides a range of possibilities to customize, analyze and optimize tours in BIC GRC Solutions. You can give your tours a custom look and feel that fits your corporate identity. Segmentations can also be used to create individualized instructions for different user groups. To optimize the user experience, you can also analyze your tours based on performance and use these insights for further measures.

Product features of tours in the
BIC GRC Solutions

  • Centralized user rollout
  • Integration of various media
  • Import of translations
  • Customizable to corporate identity
  • Multi-language support
  • Advanced segmentation

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