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With the following information we want to give you an overview on how we process your personal data and about your rights as a customer and visitor of our site. Which data we process specifically and how they are used is mainly dependent on the requested or arranged services. Thus not all parts of this data protection declaration will apply to you.

GBTEC Software AG takes the protection of your personal data very seriously and strictly complies with the regulations under data protection laws. We point out that this website and its services are exclusively tendered to persons of full age.

1. Who is responsible for data procession and whom can I contact?

Responsible is:
GBTEC Software AG
Gesundheitscampus-Süd 23, 44801 Bochum, Germany
Tel.: +49 234 97645-100

You can contact our operational data protection official Andreas Reinke as well as our data protection coordinator Volker Breitkopf under the given address with the addition DATENSCHUTZ or under the email address

2. Which sources and data do we use?

We process personal data which we receive from customers, applicants or visitors (hereafter: you) during the usage of our website.

3. For which purposes do we use your data and on which legal basis?

The personal data that you send us by using our website (name, company, address, email address and if applicable your telephone number or name and email address of other users) are used by us to correspond with you and saved and processed for the purpose for which you have provided us these data; for example during a registration, a contact request, during the delivery of a particular service or by taking part in an event.

We process personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the EU and the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG), the German Federal Data Protection Act

a. to fulfill our contractual duties (Art. 6 s. 1 b GDPR),

The process of data can be conducted as part of the execution of contracts with you as our customer or as part of pre-contractual activities.

b. as part of weighing of interests (Art. 6 s. 1 f GDPR),

If necessary, we can process your data in a way that surpasses the actual fulfillment of the contract to preserve the justified interests of us or third parties. For example:

  • review and optimization of needs assessment processes with the purpose of direct customer address,
  • advertising or market and opinion research unless you disagreed the usage of your data,
  • enforcement of legal interests and defense during legal conflicts,
  • guaranteeing the IT security and the IT operation of the company,
  • measures for business governance and development of services and products.

c. based on your agreement (Art. 6 s. 1 a GDPR),

Given you granted us your agreement to process your personal data for certain purposes (e.g. marketing, sending of a newsletter), the legality of processing your data based on your agreement applies.

d. based on legal guidelines (Art. 6 s. 1 c GDPR) or in the public interest (Art. 6 s. 1 e GDPR),

Additionally, we are liable to diverse legal obligations, meaning legal requirements (e.g. tax law). Part of the purposes of processing are amongst others the fulfillment of fiscal control and report duties, and much more.

e. as part of the justification of an employment relationship(Art. 88 GDPR IAW § 26 s. 1 GDPR).

In the case that you apply for a tenure with us, we are allowed to process your personal data.

4. What do these regulations mean regarding the provision of this website and the services included?

4.1 Provision of the website and creation of log files

With every invocation of our website our system automatically gathers data and information from the computer system of the invoking processor. The following data are gathered:

  1. IP address of the user,
  2. date and time of access,
  3. sites which are accessed by the user from our website.

Data are also saved in the log files of our system. A saving of personal data in combination with other personal data of the user does not occur.

Legal basis for the temporary saving of data in log files is Art. 6 s. 1 lit. f GDPR.

The temporary saving of the IP address by our system is necessary to deliver the website to the user’s processor. Therefore, the IP address of the user needs to be saved during the session. The saving in log files is conducted to ascertain the functionality of the website. Additionally, these data help us  optimize the website and to secure the safety of our information technological systems. A processing of data for marketing purposes does not occur in this context. The described purposes form our justified interest in data processing according to Art. 6 s. 1 lit. f GDPR.

The data will be deleted once they are not necessary for the attainment of the purposes of their elicitation anymore. In the case of elicitation of data for the delivery of our website this applies with the termination of each session.

In the case of saving  data in log files this applies after a reasonable period. A saving extending beyond this period is possible. In this case, the IP addresses of users will be deleted or altered, so that an association with the invoking client is impossible.

Elicitation of data for the delivery of the website and saving of data in log files is compulsively required for the operation of our website. Thus, the user can not disagree with this data processing.

4.2 Use of Cookies

For our website, we are using so called cookies at different locations. They help us make our services more customer friendly, effective and safe. Cookies are small text files that are saved on your computer by your browser. Most of the cookies we use are so called session cookies, which will automatically be deleted after the termination of your visit on our site. Cookies do not damage your computer and do not contain any viruses.

For example, language settings will be saved in the cookies and transmitted.

As part of the usage of technically necessary cookies, we will process your personal data in accordance with Art. 6 s. 1 lit. f GDPR.

Technically necessary cookies serve the purpose of designing  the website in a fitting way for you. Some functionalities of our website cannot be delivered without cookies. It is necessary that the browser will be identifiable even after a page change.

The user data gathered by technically necessary cookies will not be used to compile user profiles.

Cookies will be saved on your computer and only delivered to our website. Thus, you as the user have full control over the usage of cookies. By changing the settings of your internet browser, you can deactivate or restrict the delivery of cookies. Already saved cookies can always be deleted. This can be conducted automatically. If cookies are deactivated for our website, it is possible that not all services can be used to their full extent.

During the invocation of our website, a disclaimer will inform you about the usage of cookies and refer to this data protection declaration. Legal basis for the processing of personal data through cookies is Art. 6 s. 1 lit. f GDPR.

Usage of analysis cookies is conducted with the purpose of maintaining and improving the quality of our website and its contents.

In the cookie settings you can find more information about the cookies used.

4.3 Google

Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics including the Google Analytics advertisement features. This is a web analysis service by Google Inc. ("Google"). Google Analytics uses so called „cookies“, text data that are saved on your computer and allow an analysis of your website usage.

Google Analytics is exclusively used with IP anonymization (so called IP-masking). This means that the IP address of a user is reduced and anonymized by Google in member states of the European Union or other states of the treaty of the European Economic Area (EEA). Only in exceptional cases, e.g. during technical outages in Europe, the full IP-address will be sent to a Google server in the United States and reduced and anonymized. For these exceptional cases, when personal data are sent to the US, Google adheres to the EU-US Privacy Shield: Legal basis for the use of Google Analytics is art. 6 (1) s. 1 lit. f GDPR.

The IP anonymization method used by Google secures that the full IP-address is in no case saved on a harddrive, the full anonymization is conducted nearly directly after the request in the internal memory.

The provided IP-address will not be combined with other data gathered by Google.

Google uses these data on the website operator's order to analyze your use of the website, draft reports about website activities and conduct further services for the operator connected with the website and internet use, especially features for display advertisement and Google Analytics reports regarding the performance based on demographic characteristics and interests.

If necessary, Google will hand over these information sets to third parties, if legally required or if third parties process these data on Google's order. Personal data will in no case be delivered.

The Google Analytics reports about the performance according to demographic characteristics and interests, data gathered from interest-related advertisements by Google as well as user data from third party providers (such as age groups or interest groups) will be used.

In addition, this website uses Google remarketing functions. This is a service with which we would like to address you again when you are surfing on other websites. For this purpose, visitor behavior and interests are analyzed by the use of cookies. The analysis is basis for interest- or target group-related advertising. If you subsequently visit another website in the Google Display Network, you will receive advertisements that are highly likely to take into account previously accessed product and information categories.

You can deactivate the saving of cookies in the settings of your browser software; this will also limit the functionality of this website. Alternatively, you can install the following browser plug-in:

For more information about the terms of use or the privacy policy, please visit or


Google Tag Manager

In addition, the service „Google Tag Manager“ is used for an improved administration of the previously named services. Google Tag Manager will neither gather additional personal data nor set additional cookies.


Google reCAPTCHA

We use „Google reCAPTCHA“ (hereafter: „reCAPTCHA“) on our website. Provider is Google Ireland Limited („Google“), Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland.

With reCAPTCHA, it is possible to distinguish the data entry on our websites (e.g. a contact form) between real humans and automatic bots. For this, reCAPTCHA analyzes the behavior of the website visit based on various characteristics. This analysis automatically starts with access to the website. reCAPTCHA evaluates different information sets (e.g. IP-address, dwell time or tracking of mouse movements). Gathered data will be provided to Google.

These reCAPTCHA analyses are conducted without notifying the user beforehand.

Data processing is based on art. 6 s. 1 lit. f GDPR. The website operator holds a legitimate interest in protecting his web services from improper spying and spam.

Further information about Google reCAPTCHA as well as Google's data privacy policy can be found here: and

4.4 LinkedIn

In order to provide individualized advertisements in the social media network LinkedIn and receive analyses of the user behavior on our website, we use the service "LinkedIn Insight Tag". This collects various data about the type and session time of the website visit by LinkedIn, solely collecting IP-addresses as personal data. This service is exclusively conducted for users that are registered users of LinkedIn.

4.5 Newsletter

On our website, we provide users with the opportunity to subscribe to a cost-free newsletter. The personal data gathered during the subscription process will be transmitted to us.

For this purpose, we collect the following data:

  1. email address of the user for the delivery of the newsletter,
  2. first and family name.

Additionally, the following data are automatically collected during the subscription:

  1. IP address of the invoking processor,
  2. date and time of the registration.

For the processing of data, we will ask for permission during the subscription and refer to this data protection declaration. For this purpose, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to activate your subscription (Double-Opt-In). You will be included into our newsletter distribution only after activating this link.

We will not proceed data to third parties in combination with the processing of personal data for the distribution of a newsletter. Collected data will exclusively be used for the distribution of the newsletter.

In case you subscribed to our newsletter and declared your agreement for the processing of your personal data,  Art. 6 s. 1 lit. a GDPR applies as legal basis.

The collection of your email address serves the purpose of distributing the newsletter to you. The collection of additional personal data during the subscription process serves the purposes of addressing you in a proper way and preventing a misuse of the services or the registered email address (IP address).

The data will be deleted once they are not necessary for the attainment of the purposes of their elicitation anymore. This means that your data will be saved for as long as the newsletter subscription is active. Should the activation email not be confirmed, all personal data will be deleted after seven days.

The subscription of the newsletter can always be deactivated by you. For this purpose, an Opt-Out link is included in each newsletter.

By cancelling your subscription, you can also make void your agreement for the usage of the personal data gathered during the subscription process.

In case you acquire our products or services and send us your email address during this process, we are eligible to send you a promotional newsletter exclusively with direct promotion of similar products and services.

We will not proceed data to third parties in combination with the processing of personal data for the distribution of a newsletter. Collected data will exclusively be used for the distribution of the newsletter.

Legal basis for the distribution of a promotional newsletter as a result of a sale of products or services is § 7 s. 3 UWG, Gesetz gegen unlauteren Wettbewerb (German Fair Trade Law).

Gathering of your email address serves the purpose of delivering the promotional newsletter to you.

The data will be deleted once they are not necessary for the attainment of the purposes of their elicitation. This means that your data will be saved for as long as the newsletter subscription is active.

The subscription of the promotional newsletter can always be deactivated by you. For this purpose, an Opt-Out link is included in every newsletter.

4.6 Registration on our website or via Social Media

On our website or via Social Media, we offer the opportunity to contact us or use one of our provided services. The personal data we collect in a webform during the contact or usage process will be delivered to us and saved. Services are for example: webinars, posters, guidelines, checklists, offers and further services with a high economic effort for us. We offer these services exclusively as services in return for the provision of the following data, allowing us to analyze these data and use them for sales and promotional activities:

  • First name
  • Family name
  • Company
  • Email
  • Telephone number and
  • Address.

This includes the information about our products and services via newsletter, for which you can always opt-out. We also use these data to measure the popularity of services and to contact you regarding the contents of services, their technical functionality and updates.

On our website the following data are automatically collected during the registration, based on the double-opt-in method:

  • IP address of the invoking processor,
  • Date and time of registration.

Data will be sent to us via a webform and saved.

Transfer of data to third parties will only occur when necessary for the completion of the request or service. For webinars, data may be transmitted to the webinar service provider. The data privacy policy of the webinar service provider applies.

To allow us to provide you with a test version of BIC products, we ask you to confirm our terms of use, the general terms and conditions, this data privacy policy and the contract for contract data processing.

Your registration is necessary for the provision of certain contents and services, to fulfill the purpose of your request, e.g. sending a document, invite you to a webinar or event and send you further information regarding a webinar or event, or to send an offer or further marketing information.

If the registration on our website or via social media serves the purpose of the fulfillment of contractual duties, e.g. registration for a cost-free test version of the BIC products, quality content, webinars or other services, for which you are one contracting party or for the execution of pre-contractual measures, additional legal basis for processing of your data is Art. 6 s. 1 lit. b GDPR.

Your registration is necessary for the fulfillment of a contract or for the execution of pre-contractual measures.

For this, we need the following data:

  • First and family name,
  • Company,
  • Address,
  • Telephone number,
  • Email address (for the distribution of information about BIC products as well as access data and for offer or contract information)

If applicable, we will transfer applications and registrations from outside Germany, Austria or Switzerland to the responsible subsidiaries of GBTEC to process the request and fulfill contractual duties.

As a user you always have the right and possibility to have your personal data deleted or revised. For this, please contact our data protection coordinator via

Should personal data be necessary for the fulfillment of a contract or for the execution of pre-contractual measures, a deletion is only possible if no contractual or legal duties to save these data apply.

4.7 Contact form and emails to GBTEC

On our website, we supply users with a contact form for means of making electronic contact. Given the case, you use this form for contacting us, the personal data inserted into the form by you will be transmitted to us and saved. These data are:

  • Salutation and title,
  • first and family name,
  • email address,
  • if applicable, further personal data inserted into the text form by you.

For processing of your data, we will ask for your permission during the transmission process and refer to this data protection declaration.

Processing of personal data inserted into the text form only serves us to process the contact. In the case of contact by email, the necessary justified interest in processing of data lies herein. Additional personal data processed during the transmission serves the purpose of preventing misuse of the contact form and securing the safety of our information technology systems.

Alternatively, you can directly contact us by sending an email to the provided email address.

Legal basis for processing the personal data that you transmit to us by email is Art. 6 s. 1 lit. f GDPR. If, in the course of email contact between you and us, the conclusion of a contract is targeted, additional legal basis for processing data is Art. 6 s. 1 lit. b GDPR.

If applicable, we will transfer contact requests from outside Germany to the responsible subsidiaries of GBTEC to process the request and fulfill contractual duties.

The data will be deleted once they are not necessary for the attainment of the purposes of their elicitation anymore. For data collected in the contact form, this is the case once the conversation between you and us is terminated, meaning that the discussed issue in the conversation is resolved. Personal data collected during the transmission process will be deleted after seven days latest.

You as a user always have the right and possibility to enter an objection against our data processing. By contacting us by email, you can always disagree with the saving of your personal data. In this case, we will instantly discontinue the conversation.

A revocation must be sent to: All personal data saved during the process of contact and conversation will be deleted after you revoked your agreement to data processing.

4.8 E-Learning Platform of GBTEC Academy

GBTEC offers a learning platform for customers, partners, and interested parties, in which knowledge is provided in the form of e-learnings on the topics of business process management, quality management, and digitalization, as well as trainings on GBTEC products in free and fee-based form.
The following information describes how your personal data is stored and processed when you use the GBTEC Academy e-learning platform.
When you register for the GBTEC Academy e-learning platform at, the following data will be stored by GBTEC:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Company
  • E-mail address
  • IP address
  • Your Comments
  • Courses and learning progress

Data is only passed on to third parties if it is necessary for the provision of the service. The data is processed for service provision by

  • Service provider of the e-learning platform located in Canada (adequacy decision of the EU Commission).
  • Cloud service provider - transfer of personal data to a server in the USA.

Registration on the website is necessary for the provision of content and services, as well as to communicate with you to fulfill the purpose of the request.
Registration is possible only by agreeing to the GBTEC Academy Terms of Use. According to the Terms of Use for the e-learning platform, you will receive information about our products and services via newsletter. For this purpose, the data is stored in our CRM system. Thus, the processing takes place according to Article 6(1)(b) GDPR for the fulfillment of the contract.
As a user, you have the option at any time to have the data stored in the e-learning platform deleted or rectified. To do so, please contact our data protection coordinator at In addition, you can unsubscribe from the newsletter independently at any time.

4.9 Managing of applicants data

You want to apply for a job with us? We look forward to receiving your application by email or via our online application form.

In the process of application management, we process the data that you transmitted to us in the aim to initiate a tenure based on Art. 88 GDPR IAW § 26 s. 1 BDSG. Alternatively, collective arrangements (company, overall and business agreements as well as tariff regulations) acc. Art. 88  GDPR IAW § 26 s. 4 BDSG and approvals (e.g. for photographs) acc. Art 88 GDPR IAW § 26 s. 2 BDSG may apply.

In singular instances, we will process your data to uphold justified interests, e.g. company internal data exchange for administration purposes (Art. 6 s. 1 f GDPR IAW recital 48). Should special categories of personal data be processed (e.g. disability), this is based on Art. 88 GDPR IAW § 26 s. 3 BDSG. Additionally, processing of health data may be necessary according to Art. 9 s. 2 h) IAW § 22 s. 1 b) BDSG.

For the efficient processing of the job application process, we use the services of Recruitee B.V., Johan Huizingalaan 763, (1006 VH) Amsterdam, Netherlands (hereafter: "Recruitee"). Recruitee is a webservice directly embedded in our website. By clicking on a job advertisement on our website, you will be directly referred to our Recruitee integration. During this process, we process your personal data for the simplification of the full job application management based on legal basis acc. Art. 6 s. 1 lit. b and lit. f GDPR.

During your visit of our job advertisements, personal access data will automatically be gathered, such as:

  • Traffic source,
  • http requests and answers,
  • cookies, including tracking cookies, session times and dwell time,
  • further personal data which are necessary for the execution of the service (applicant data).

Collection of personal data and the integration of Recruitee during the visit of job advertisements as well as the related processing of data is necessary to monitor and improve the recruiting and the website performance, based on our legitimate interest in efficiently designing our internal procedures and services, art. 6 s. 1 lit. f GDPR.

We process and save personal data for as long as it is necessary due to fulfillment of data processing or legal, contractual or statutory obligations. Hereafter, data will be deleted, or their processing will be restricted. In the case that no employment relationship comes into force, we will delete your data within 6 months after completing the application process. Should we be interested in saving your application in a so called „pool of applicants“ for a period longer than six months, we will ask for your permission before expiration of the six months deadline.

You can always withdraw your application. In this case, all personal data will be deleted if they are no longer necessary for the attainment of their purpose. A revocation must be sent to: Revocation of given approvals for data processing is also always possible.

4.10 Transmission of data to third parties

GBTEC Software AG will not share your personal data with third parties, except as required for settling business transactions.

In some cases, our own data processing is carried out by external service providers, engaged by us to process data for us based on our instructions.

If these service providers are in Germany we require such service providers to give written undertakings in accordance with the strict regulations of the GDPR and they may not use the data for any other purposes.

By using BIC products or entering your data on the website of GBTEC Software AG, it may be possible - according to the use of BIC, depending on the server address determined by agreement between you and us - to transfer personal data to an unsafe third country (e.g. USA).
In this regard, we exclusively cooperate with subcontractors who are certified according to DIN / ISO standard 27001.
The data transmission is always based on EU standard contract clauses agreed between GBTEC Software + Consulting AG and the subcontractor. Furthermore, we want our subcontractors - if they are in the USA - to have a Privacy Shield certification.

However, we would like to point out that we can offer BIC products completely and exclusively within the EU or Germany, if desired.

If you are using BIC products and need further information about the software, we will be glad to provide your data protection officer – after a written request to – a protected list of our subcontractors by email. The list contains the name and address of all subcontractors as well as a brief description of all provided services. We will inform you about further changes in the list (e.g. substitution of the subcontractor) by email. Your company data protection officer is also entitled to receive information about essential data protection-relevant terms and conditions of our subcontractors by written request, if you use BIC products.

The data transmitted is limited to the minimum required.

GBTEC Software AG also forms partnerships with other companies to be able to provide joint products and services. If you purchase such products or services, or expressly state an interest in receiving further information about them, GBTEC Software AG may pass the data provided during a purchase/rental or expression of interest to its business partners. It is not within the scope of responsibility of GBTEC Software AG to monitor the use of your data by our business partners. The use of such data, moreover, is subject to the data protection policy of the respective partners. If you do not wish your data to be passed on in this way, you may decide not to use jointly offered products and services, or expressly state that you are not interested in receiving further information.

To the extent that GBTEC Software AG is obligated to disclose your data by law or by a judicial decision, we will only pass on your data to governmental institutions and official authorities entitled to receive such information.

5. Which rights can you claim?

Every affected person has the right of access acc. Art. 15 GDPR, the right of rectification acc. Art. 16 GDPR, the right of erasure acc. Art. 17 GDPR, the right to restriction of processing acc. Art. 18 GDPR, the right to object Art. 21 GDPR as well as the right to data portability acc. Art. 20 GDPR. For the right of access and the right of erasure, restrictions acc. §§ 34 and 35 German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) apply. Additionally, the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority (Art. 77 GDPR IAW § 19 BDSG) applies.

A given agreement to the processing of personal data can always be made void towards us. This also applies to declarations of agreement that you have given us before the application period of the GDPR, meaning before the 25th May 2018. Please note that your revocation will only come into force in the future, processing of data that occurred before your revocation will not be affected.

A revocation must be sent to:

6. Do you have to make personal data available to us?

As part of a business relation you will have to make those personal data available to us that are necessary for the implementation and execution of this business relation and the contractual or legal obligations connected to it. Without these data, as a general rule, we will decline to conclude the contract or the processing of contents of contract or will be unable to execute an existing contract, thus having to terminate the respective contract.

7. Is there an automatic decision process?

No. At the moment, we do not use a fully automated decision-making process acc. Art. 22 GDPR for the implementation or execution of business relations. We are not conducting a “Profiling”.

8. Information about your right to object acc. Art. 21 GDPR

Right to object in singular instances

You always have the right to object the processing of your personal data, processed on the legal bases acc. Art. 6 s. 1 lit e GDPR (data processing in public interest) and Art. 6 s. 1 lit f GDPR (data processing based on weighing of interests), due to reasons lying in your personal situation; this also applies to a profiling based on these regulations in accordance with Art. 4 No. 4 GDPR.

In the case you revoke your agreement to data processing, we will discontinue processing your data, unless we can establish urgent justified reasons overweighing your interests, rights and freedoms, or unless processing serves the enforcement, exertion or defense of legal interests.

Right to object the processing of data for direct advertising

In singular instances we will process your personal data for direct advertising. You always have the right to object the processing of your personal data for the purpose of respective direct advertising; this also applies to profiling if it is in direct connection to such direct advertising. In the case you object the processing for the purpose of direct advertising, we will discontinue processing your personal data for these purposes.

Recipient of your revocation

Your revocation, specifying your name, address and date of birth and with the subject „Widerspruch/Revocation“, can be sent to:

GBTEC Software  AG
Gesundheitscampus-Süd 23
44801 Bochum

9. Further information

Should you wish to receive further information not included into this data protection declaration, please contact our operational data protection official who will be gladly at your disposal under the email address:

10. Copyright

The content and products produced by website operators on these pages are subject to German copyright law. Copying, editing and distributing and any manner of use outside the limitations of copyright law require the written consent of the author or creator concerned. Downloads and copies of this site are only permitted for private, non-commercial use. Where the content on this site was not created by the operator, the copyright of third parties is observed. In particular, third-party content will be identified as such. If, in spite of this, you become aware of a breach of copyright, we request that you notify us of this accordingly. Once we become aware of any breaches of rights, we shall remove such content immediately.


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