Catalonian Public Digitalization Institution Saves More Than 16,000 Hours of Work Thanks to Iterem And GBTEC

The Consorci Administració Oberta de Catalunya has successfully completed a pilot project with GBTEC's BIC Process Mining software in which the benefits of this technology to increase the quality of citizen services have been measured.

  • Thanks to BIC Platform, Consorci AOC has obtained a complete vision of its processes
  • The use of process mining has resulted in a better response to citizens, saving up to 16,000 working hours
  • The public entity highlights the surprising adaptation to the post-COVID context, reducing the time to close a request from 5 to 3 days

GBTEC, a leading German company in business processes, has demonstrated the extensive benefits that its process mining solution brings to public administrations thanks to a pioneering pilot project for the Consorci Administració Oberta de Catalunya. The project has been executed by the Catalan company Iterem using GBTEC's BIC Process Mining software.

In September 2021, GBTEC's solution was chosen by the Consorci Administració Oberta de Catalunya (AOC) to explore how the use of process mining translates into a better response to citizens. The Consorci AOC is a key public institution, as it is responsible for promoting the digital transformation and interoperability of the Public Administration in Catalonia. It joins the exclusive portfolio of users of GBTEC solutions, which includes large European public institutions such as the Federal Office of Administration of Germany, the University of Applied Sciences of Munich or the University of Hamburg.

A critical time for process mining application
When Consorci AOC opted for GBTEC's solution, the organization was in a period of expansion and adaptation to the post-COVID context. As Carlos Rodríguez, head of the Consorci AOC's Support Unit, revealed during GBTEC's Process Days event, in just 10 years, the organization's activity had increased by 1,257 percent and support requests had risen by more than 160 percent. In addition, the pandemic has presented the agency with an added challenge: the widespread rise of digital processes.

Process mining presented a unique opportunity to provide AOC with operational support to make better decisions focused on key processes to maintain transparency and increase trust, to enforce strict regulatory compliance, and to increase citizen satisfaction.

Quick adaptation to BIC Process Mining with up to 16,000 hours saved
In just a few months, a learning project was implemented in which more than one million records of the Consorci AOC's ticketing tool have been analyzed. Through this information, and thanks to GBTEC's BIC Platform software, the entity has obtained a complete vision of its processes. This includes dashboards and key statistics for their interpretation, comparisons by services and service levels, as well as the possibility of carrying out simulations of changes to evaluate the possible impact of its decisions.

Despite the great complexity of the work carried out, Carlos Rodríguez emphasized during his speech at Process Days that it had been "an enjoyable process, not at all tedious and very easy". Likewise, the head of the Consorci AOC Support Unit highlighted the surprising adaptation of the organization to the current context, even becoming more efficient than before the pandemic, reducing the time to close a request from 5 to 3 days. Another remarkable fact has been the saving of more than 16,000 hours of processing time after a simple change in a process identified thanks to GBTEC's tool.

About the Consorci Administració Oberta de Catalunya
The Consorci Administració Oberta de Catalunya (AOC Consortium) has its genesis in the Pact for the promotion and development of the Information Society in the Catalan public administrations, signed in the Parliament of Catalonia on 23 July 2001, between the presidents of all the parliamentary groups, the Government of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the local governments represented by Localret. The AOC's mission is to drive the digital transformation of Catalan administrations to promote agile, logical, and collaborative governments. Its vision is to ensure that people enjoy quality public services and live in an open society.

About Iterem
Iterem is a Barcelona-based company expert in accompanying organizations in their digital transformation through services and solutions oriented to process management (BPM). Its commitment: transparency and continuous improvement to build a solid foundation for a successful transformation. More information at

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