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Maximize your success thanks to intuitive modeling and excellent processes

Rely on the market leader for professional process management: With BIC Process Design you can model your business processes in no time and create an ideal basis for successful process and quality management. You can communicate process optimizations automatically and comprehensibly throughout the entire company in a matter of seconds via the integrated process portal. Start now to maximize your business performance today.

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Automate your processes as easy as never before and benefit from maximum efficiency

Experience process automation at its best: With BIC Process Execution you can transform your repetitive operations into digital workflows with just a few clicks thanks to unique no-code and low-code technology. Adapt our Process Templates to your individual requirements for a quick and easy start. Effortlessly integrate third-party systems and RPA for added speed and process efficiency.

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Analyze your processes at the push of a button and uncover hidden optimization potentials

Harness the power of the world's most powerful process mining algorithms: With BIC Process Mining, you discover previously hidden processes at lightning speed and optimize your processes using valuable actual data. Thanks to the interactive process animation and visual representations in the dashboard, you can recognize bottlenecks, errors and back loops directly at one glance. Make data-driven decisions and increase your productivity and efficiency.

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BIC Process Mining Software
BIC Enterprise Risk - GRC Software


Rely on state-of-the-art technology and optimize your Risk Management

Benefit from an efficient mapping of your risk management processes: BIC Enterprise Risk makes your current risk situation transparent, you have a complete overview at any time and make a valuable contribution to strategic medium-term planning in your company with informative reporting. The intelligent, digital solution helps you to assess risks and define measures - more time-saving than ever before.

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Strengthen your company through robust, future-proof processes and drive the ongoing optimization of your ICS

Discover the professional way to manage process risks and controls: BIC Internal Control offers a workflow-based tool to build a professional ICS in minimal time. Use the innovative, specific ICS functions and reports to simplify the day-to-day tasks of all process contributors, gain a clear view of all controls and measures, and generate additional value in strategic enterprise management.

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BIC Information Security


Build a standards-compliant ISMS and protect your corporate information

Rely on the front-runner for ISMS software: With BIC Information Security, you can digitalize your ISMS processes according to ISO 27001 intuitively and in the shortest possible time. Uniform, standards-compliant processes and role-based rights management save you a lot of time in the administration of your processes. In reports and dashboards, you can see your information security-specific KPIs and the current need for action at any time.

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BIC Data Protection Software


Digitalize your data protection processes and effortlessly master DSGVO challenges

Benefit from automated data protection management for all requirements: With BIC Data Protection, you meet the legal requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation and proactively solve data protection-related challenges. Diverse reports and dashboards create maximum transparency across comprehensive reporting requirements and offer standardized risk analyses and data protection impact assessments.

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BIC Business Continuity Software


Identify risks and hazards at an early stage and strengthen the resilience of your processes

Get a holistic picture of your risk situation: With ready-made catalogs according to common standards in BIC Business Continuity, you reliably discover and monitor your critical business processes. Calculate the maximum tolerable downtime and take preventive measures quickly and efficiently. Do not interrupt processes even in critical situations or interrupt them only temporarily and secure your economic existence.

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Enjoy the benefits of more effective, transparent, sustainable audit management

Optimize your business processes and create transparency with ease: Conduct professional, comprehensive internal audits and minimize the time and work involved in third-party audits. With BIC Internal Audit, you ensure that procedures and guidelines function properly and effectively while creating an ideal foundation for making decisions to improve organizational processes.

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BIC Enterprise Risk - GRC Software


Establish a value-based GRC management system and flexibly map your GRC processes

Rely on software that grows with your requirements: With BIC Custom GRC, you are absolutely free to map your GRC processes, because the tool adapts individually to your needs. Adding new users or processes is simple and straightforward. Build an integrated GRC management system, benefit from comprehensive transparency and support your company on its way to operational excellence.

Discover BIC Custom GRC

We were convinced by the modular structure and the holistic approach of the BIC Platform. All steps of the BPM lifecycle are supported, so that we can flexibly extend the BIC Platform according to our requirements.

Thomas FesenmeierBusiness Unit Management Organization, EDEKA Handelsgesellschaft Südwest mbH

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