Accelerating Process Modeling with Process Mining

Process modeling is a fundamental part of every business analyst’s work. Processes can be visualized and analyzed on the basis of modeled workflows between different people and systems, including the documents used, the regulations to be observed and possible risks. Usually, these models are created by business analysts who interview subject matter experts, observe human activities, read through system manuals and procedure guides, then manually draw their understanding of the process. They represent a human interpretation of how the process should optimally proceed. However, process models do not show how the process actually works in reality and therefore provide little solid analytical basis for workflow improvements.

Process mining, on the other hand, directly captures the actual process behavior based on the log files of systems that people use to perform work, turning tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge.  This can be used to validate – or even generate – process models, identify conformance issues, and model performance optimization. Especially in view of increasingly complex and volatile processes, manual methods are nowadays no longer sufficient to understand and improve actual workflows.

To obtain a complete picture, manual methods must be combined with data-driven analysis methods such as process mining. In this context, process modeling and process mining are not competing but complementary techniques. This whitepaper addresses the complementary nature of these two techniques and explains how process modeling and process mining can be successfully combined. The following contents await you in our whitepaper:

  • An introduction to the topic of process modeling
  • The drive towards analytical techniques
  • Process Mining and modeling for business analysts
  • Process Mining in goal traceability
  • Process Mining for operational management

Find out how Process Mining can help accelerate process modeling and act as a fundamental part of process discovery and improvement.

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