The added value of integrated GRC

By closely integrating the areas of governance, risk, and compliance, companies can generate decisive competitive advantages that support their development toward operational excellence.

Why integrated GRC should be on every company's agenda

A tight integration of the areas of governance, risk and compliance generates a decisive competitive advantage in companies and supports their development on the path to operational excellence in GRC functions. As regulatory pressure continues to grow, owners and shareholders are demanding more transparency. Executives and board members also see the benefits of better traceability and transparency in internal and external decision-making. As these demands on modern management continue to grow, managing the enterprise becomes more complex as well – especially in light of the high expectations on efficiency. By establishing a comprehensive strategy to integrate governance, risk and compliance (GRC), companies can face these challenges both effectively and efficiently. This triad is necessary to establish forward-looking risk and opportunity management that is integrated across the organization. GRC unites the way that people, resources, processes and technology work together in order to align and integrate governance, management, performance, risk and compliance in a standardized way. GRC is a collection of capabilities to reliably achieve goals, cope with uncertainty, and manage the business with integrity.

Integrated GRC advantages

Our view on GRC

Since 2005, we have made it our goal to help create sustainable GRC processes so that companies can master these challenges and use their GRC strategy to generate tangible business benefits. This is why we view GRC as more than just the sum of individual processes, such as risk management or an internal control system. We firmly believe that GRC is a path to develop sustainable corporate management, which provides the solid foundation to drive innovation and growth in companies. We want to guide, support and, perhaps, even challenge our clients along this journey to build the basis for generating measurable value from GRC processes. Integrated GRC management creates a strategic link, generates synergistic effects, promotes collaboration, ensures long-term implementation, defines a local framework, and makes it easier to overcome complexity. 

The benefits: Integrated GRC

  • has a strategic reference
  • ensures sustainable implementation
  • creates synergies

  • defines the decentralized framework for action

  • encourages cooperation

  • helps to manage complexity

Value-based governance, risk and compliance management for your company's success

A professional GRC strategy builds the foundation for successful business management. BIC supports you with a unique combination of the latest technology, an intuitive user interface and fast implementation. That makes working with the BIC GRC Solutions so easy - in all GRC areas.

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