PEX Network 2023: All Access Business Process Management

We were thrilled to be part of PEX Network's All Access BPM, on September 19, 2023 with an exclusive online session featuring industry leaders Marc Stromberg, Co-founder & Key Account Manager at GBTEC, and Philipp Epe, Head of BPM Consulting at SMS Group. You can now request our session:

"Make processes your superpower - The business transformation story of the leading partner in the world of metals | SMS Group"

30 Min.
On Demand


Marc and Philipp delved deeply into the challenges faced by forward-thinking companies in the digital age and how innovative BPM solutions can pave the path to success. They discussed the evolution of BPM throughout history to its integration into various management disciplines, including process automation, S/4HANA transformation, Quality & Lean Management.

Key Takeaways:

  • Crafting a comprehensive roadmap to BPM success: Acquire insights into overcoming challenges and implementing best practices for process-driven business transformations.
  • Unlocking BPM's Impact on Sustainability and Efficiency: Gain an understanding of how BPM's evolution contributes to heightened sustainability and operational excellence.
  • Engaging Stakeholders for high-performance BPM: Discover effective strategies for assembling a dedicated BPM project team committed to achieving high-performance processes.


Curious now? Simply request the video, to watch the presentation of Marc and Philipp directly.

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