The release workflows of
BIC Process Design

Examination and approval workflows are indispensable for compliance with regulatory requirements. They support your company in satisfying quality standards, continuously improving processes and thus sustainably increasing your company's success. Use the review and approval workflows in BIC Process Design to control your process management with maximum ease and save valuable time and costs.

Successful change management through approval workflows

Approval workflows help to speed up the publication of processes and manifest changes to the process more quickly. Automated workflows are used especially for recurring and routine processes that can be planned and predicted. They ensure that process approval takes place step by step along a predefined workflow. This automatically takes into account all necessary control instances and significantly reduces the maintenance effort of your processes. A decisive factor for successful change management and optimized process performance.

With BIC Process Design's release workflows, you get full flexibility thanks to customizable flow sequences: Depending on your company's structure and compliance requirements, you can use a preconfigured single-stage workflow or, in the case of multiple responsible parties, use a multi-stage workflow and adapt it to your individual company requirements. Automated versioning and the integrated process archive ensure audit-compliant documentation. With every published process change, the previous version of the process is automatically saved and a version number assigned. Older versions can be restored and compared at any time.

Comply with specifications and establish responsibilities

Rules and responsibilities are defined directly in the tool. Here, you can individually specify who may approve and how the approval process should take place. By defining responsibilities (these can be individuals or groups of people), validity areas and time periods, you ensure compliance with internal and external specifications or existing deadlines with the governance workflows of BIC Process Design. All stakeholders are automatically notified when a process loses its validity or requires review. Processes can be released, deleted or modified by the responsible parties - the relevant process participants are automatically notified afterwards.

And what happens if the person in charge is absent? In this case, the tool sends all tasks to a named deputy. As you see, there is nothing standing in the way of your continuous improvement process.

process release

Keeping everything in view with effective task management

BIC Process Design's governance workflows not only automate the flow of the approval process, but also ensure efficient task management at the same time. As soon as a new task is available, you are automatically informed via email and also receive a push notification in the tool. Plan, manage and monitor your to-dos in your personal task area, keeping an eye on due dates and task dependencies at all times. Optimize your task management and use the possibility to delegate tasks, name substitutes or put certain tasks on resubmission. If additional processing steps are required by other people, BIC Process Design notifies them automatically. In this way, you significantly accelerate the processing time of your tasks and implement positive changes more quickly.

Sustainably increase business success with approval workflows

Compliance with internal and external regulations is easily implemented with BIC Process Design's governance workflows. Keep your quality standards high while reducing costs and efforts for the review and approval of your processes and documents. The automated workflows noticeably simplify your everyday work and ensure sustainable business success through:

  • Uncomplicated approvals
  • Implementation of quality assurance measures
  • Simple task management
  • Avoidance of email and filing chaos

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