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Many important information and work resources are available in the form of process-related documents. Therefore, a well thought-out process management not only maps the pure workflows, but also takes into account applicable documents. With the integrated document management of BIC Process Design, you succeed in providing all files and information necessary for process execution where they are needed: at your processes. In this way, you create a single point of truth and at the same time ensure an audit-compliant and central management, review, and approval of your documents.

All process information available at any time

Every company maintains a variety of documents such as templates, checklists, rulebooks, and other documents. Most of the time, the documents in the company are subject to strict guidelines that relate to the format, the structure, or the approval process. BIC Process Design's process-based document management helps you reduce the maintenance effort and ensure that documents are up to date. Create a central repository for your documents and link them directly to your modeled processes. This way you avoid time-consuming searches and reduce the complexity of your information management.

document management for business processes

Simple and secure document management

Every process is linked to specific information and documents. With the integrated document management in BIC Process Design you control and direct your documents based on the process and build up valuable knowledge in a structured way. The portal function provides you with an integrative view of your processes and documents. In addition to the storage function, the following features are available to you:

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Versioning and release: In process management, a multitude of documents must be managed. Powerful workflows support you regulating the validity and responsibilities of documents and ensure that they are up to date at any time.

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Archiving: Previous versions are stored in a document archive in an audit-proof manner and ensure traceability and documentation.

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Document upload: New document creation and management is done directly in BIC Process Design. The simple rights management enables document owners to upload documents directly via the process portal without any complications.

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Full-text search: A comprehensive search with extensive filtering options enables quick access to current document versions in any workspace.

Document Lifecycle

The document upload creates a direct link to the document object as well as the document accompanying process. In BIC Process Design, you have the option to set a validity period that triggers an automatic notification when the validity period is exceeded. The document owner is prompted by email to review the document and can update and re-release the document in the tool. Once the release has been initiated, the file is available to all employees in the BIC Process Design process portal. In this way, you ensure a compliant lifecycle for your files and no longer have to worry about overaged documents.

Innovative document integration for easy maintenance and up-to-dateness

With document management from BIC Process Design, you not only significantly reduce administration and maintenance efforts, but also benefit from the following advantages:

  • Location-independent and fast access to all documents
  • Compliance with guidelines and laws
  • Audit-proof management of documents
  • Continuous improvement process for your processes and documents
  • Possibility of interdisciplinary work
  • Reduced search and maintenance efforts

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