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GBTEC recognized as High Performer 2022 by G2

The world's leading software evaluation portal G2 honors GBTEC in its latest report for business process management software as one of the best-performing solutions on the market. GBTEC received awards in no less than four categories based on outstanding user ratings.

    G2 badges

    GBTEC was awarded in a total of four categories by the evaluation portal G2.

    GBTEC CEO Greinke

    CEO and chief executive of GBTEC, Gregor Greinke, appreciates the positive customer reviews and recognition from G2.

The BPM software manufacturer GBTEC was awarded a total of four badges in the categories "High Performer", "Easiest Setup", "Easiest to use" and "Easiest to do business with" by the B2B evaluation portal G2 in the Fall Report 2022. In the respective categories, G2 regularly honors solutions that have a particularly high customer satisfaction index.

Users highlight GBTEC's superiority in user-friendliness and functionality

With an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars, GBTEC is one of the absolute top performers in G2's customer satisfaction ranking. In their reviews of GBTEC's full-stack BPM Suite BIC Platform, users particularly emphasize the tool's intuitive operation and enormous range of features. One user concludes: "Best BPM tool so far". Many other evaluations emphasize the high usability of BIC: "Most intuitive BPM software - easy to use for all user groups" or "Superior ease of use. Enterprise-wide collaboration & communication" as well as "Best BPM tool so far; In my 10 years as a process manager, I have worked with various process management tools so far. None of them was as easy to use as BIC."

Gregor Greinke, CEO and chief executive of GBTEC, is pleased about the outstanding user ranking and the award as a high performer: "We would like to thank our users for the exceptionally positive reviews and their trust in our software. The fact that our all-in-one-suite BIC Platform was rated and awarded as a functionally superior and particularly easy-to-use solution makes us proud. We have been developing market-leading BPM software for almost 20 years now and continue to raise our own benchmark in terms of functionality, usability and performance to an ever higher level. The great response once again encourages us to be on the right track and to meet the high expectations of the BPM community. As an American evaluation portal with a wide reach in the USA and 60 million visitors annually, G2 opens up further opportunities for us to continue our internationalization course and convince even more users of our powerful products."

G2 is the market-leading software review portal in B2B. With more than 1.7 million real customer reviews, users can compare software products and vendors and gain an authentic impression of the toolscape to make better software decisions. The US company is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

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