GBTEC develops cutting-edge AI method for automated detection of automation potential in customer processes

With the new BIC Process Automation Assessment, GBTEC presents its customers with an exclusive offer for free and fully automated process analysis. The method, which is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, shows process managers exactly which workflows have the greatest automation potential and where targeted optimization measures lead to the highest possible ROI.

Gregor Greinke

Gregor Greinke, CEO and chief executive of GBTEC, focuses on customer-oriented solutions.

GBTEC Software AG is expanding its range of services to include a sophisticated intelligence solution for the automatic identification of automation potential. The BPM and GRC specialist is thus responding to the numerous challenges faced by companies to carry out process optimization in a targeted manner and to successfully implement the digital transformation of processes.

"Companies want to understand how mature their processes are and where they stand compared to the competition. Where are the hidden process bottlenecks? Where is automation potential lying dormant? Which improvements should be implemented first? These are all questions that we can answer with our BIC Process Automation Assessment," explains Gregor Greinke, CEO and chief executive of GBTEC.

Automated AI method for process optimization

The intelligent solution combines artificial intelligence algorithms with machine learning models to identify and evaluate relevant patterns for process success. In the course of developing the process, GBTEC's data analytics experts analyzed millions of data records from a wide range of industries and used them to identify key success criteria for high process performance.

In addition to a comprehensive evaluation of their individual process inefficiencies, GBTEC customers also receive tailored guidance as part of the free process analysis, which provides information on which optimization measures should be prioritized and where the highest business outcome can be expected. The information is presented in the form of an intuitive KPI dashboard in which a wide variety of analysis indicators can be weighted independently and customers can enter their own criteria for analysis.

"With our BIC Process Automation Assessment, we provide immediate business value to our customers and make it much easier for them to get started with process automation by uncovering their greatest automation potential. This unique value proposition enables them to make comparisons to the competition, bring forward processes with the highest ROI, and solve process challenges. Our goal has always been to provide our customers with the right tools to get the most out of their processes. That's why we do everything we can to deliver outstanding customer-focused solutions," summarizes Gregor Greinke.

The BIC Process Automation Assessment is suitable for all customers who have modeled their process landscape in BIC Process Design. Please feel free to contact if you are interested.

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