First steps into Process Automation

Do you want to transform your manual processes into executable digital workflows? With BIC Process Execution, you can automate your workflows in seconds without any programming. The following steps will show you how to easily get started with the tool and process automation.

BIC Process Execution

Step 1: Start BIC Process Execution

Register for the free 30-day trial version and log in with your login data in the registration mask. If you are already a customer, enter your login details as usual. To log in to BIC Process Execution, you can simply use the same login details that you use for BIC Process Design.

Note: The basic requirement for using BIC Process Execution is that diagrams already exist which have been modeled in BIC Process Design and marked as executable.

Step 2: Familiarize yourself with the welcome screen

After successful login, you will automatically be taken to the start screen of BIC Process Execution. Using the list view on the left, you can easily navigate through the tool. Users with open personal or group tasks will be taken directly to their task list after login. If you do not have any open tasks, you will land on the ProcessApp overview.

Process automation software BIC
Process automation software

Step 3: Create your first case

Now we want to get active and create your first case. To do this, please move the mouse over one of the apps in the ProcessApps view and then click on the green plus icon "Create a new case". In the window that opens, you can now enter a name for the new case and create it by clicking on "Create".

Step 4: Edit your first task

The tool has now created a new case for you. In the process flow that opens, you then select the open task that has been assigned to you. To do this, click on the step behind which your name is written, fill out the form on the right side completely and click on "Done". A pop-up window will open, where you can also add a comment if needed.

You have now successfully completed your first task in BIC Process Execution!

Process automation tool

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