Citizen Development: Overcome Coding Challenges to Boost Your Process Automation

In many companies, most of the processes are still carried out manually - with the result that organizations not only waste time and money, but are also highly prone to errors during processing. Companies often turn to various applications to replace such inefficient processes and drive digital transformation. However, IT departments can hardly keep up with the numerous application requests, partly due to the shortage of skilled workers.


Citizen Developers can do something to counteract this: With the help of no-code and low-code automation, they create digital workflows in the shortest possible time and therefore play an increasingly important role in the digital transformation of companies. In this whitepaper, we define the terms citizen developer, no-code and low-code, and highlight the key benefits as well as the challenges and value of Citizen Develoeprs.

In addition, we will use a customer example to show you how Citizen Development can be implemented in practice and what added value no-code/low-code automation brings to everyday business. Since many organizations are still hesitant to use the potential of Citizen Developers, we will conclude by clarifying three frequently asked questions from companies on this topic.

  1. No- Code and Low-Code – that‘s the difference
    No-code platforms usually have a simple visual user interface. This means that even technically less experienced users can...
    Low-code platforms go beyond the pure no-code approach and are intended for more complex applications that require manual input and - at least minor - IT skills. Scripting functions allow individual...
  2. Advantages of Citizen Development
  3. Challenges of Citizen Development
    In order for Citizen Development to function properly, the following questions must be answered, responsibilities distributed, and any uncertainties that may arise must be resolved in advance...
  4. Customer example
    The international IT company Arvato Systems, headquartered in Gütersloh, Germany, has been using GBTEC‘s BIC Platform for several years and has established a successful process management system with the help of the BPM solution. With the BIC Process Execution automation tool, the process management division of the company, which is part of the Bertelsmann Group, is now also putting its first automation projects into practice without having to do much programming work...
  5. Citizen Developers drive digital transformation
    Citizen Developer is more than a buzzword, as it enables a tangible increase in organizational efficiency and productivity. After all, IT has limited resources and often a long list of unimplemented solution requests. But in today‘s world of...
  6. FAQ
    Despite the great advantages offered by Citizen Development, many companies are still hesitant to exploit this potential. But what are their main concerns? We clarify three frequently asked questions...

Read our informative whitepaper and dive even deeper into the world of Citizen Development!

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