Performance Mining with
BIC Process Mining

You want to analyze the flow of your processes in detail? With BIC Process Mining you create the ideal basis for this! The tool's performance mining capabilities fundamentally simplify your analyses and visually highlight error-prone processes, long lead times and bottlenecks. This way you gain groundbreaking insights about your processes!

Performance mining

Take a close look at your processes

Automatic process recognition is followed by so-called performance mining, which enables numerous statistics and comparisons of the existing business processes. The term performance stands for the efficiency, effectiveness or success of an activity or the entire process. As input, BIC Process Mining again uses the logs of your stored event logs. You can then view the performance of the various metrics as a chart or table in a dashboard. Alternatively, the statistics can be overlaid directly on top of an automatically determined process model. For example, by using color-coded elements to highlight bottlenecks or high effort activities, process performance with BIC Process Mining allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your underlying processes and helps you answer questions such as "Where are bottlenecks?" and "Which process step takes longer? Is this related to the bottlenecks?" to be answered accurately in subsequent analyses.

Clear presentation in the dashboard

Get to the bottom of your processes: The dashboard of BIC Process Mining shows you the most important information in a graphically easy-to-understand way. From process variants to case duration to displays related to the individual activities or resources involved - the dashboard offers you a variety of display options. Find out how long your processes take, if there are any outliers, how long each process step takes on average, how long a resource works on a process, and which resources might be stuck. If you want to look at an area in more detail, you can easily zoom into a view to analyze just one month's time, for example. Custom dashboards let you filter the data that's relevant to you and add benchmarks and metrics to highlight the data that deviates from your standards.

Dashboard performance mining
Process animation performance mining

Process animation for dynamic analysis

View the run-through of individual process cases as an interactive process animation to understand the dynamics behind your processes. The process model, automatically taken from the event log, is displayed in the Log Animation plugin along with the individual cases of the event log. Each case is represented as a point. With a click on the play button you start the animation and the cases or points move realistically through the process. This allows you to follow in detail how the individual cases move through the process model and where bottlenecks occur. To fully understand the dynamics of the process model, a time slider lets you fast-forward, rewind, adjust the speed of the animation, or stop. If you select multiple event logs, they are colored differently and make a direct comparison possible.

Customer Story: Discover inefficiencies and save significant costs

Manufacturing companies sometimes have highly complex end-to-end processes that make the detection of inefficiencies almost impossible. BIC Process Mining's automatic process recognition provides a remedy: It enables complete transparency and thus offers the optimal basis for further analyses. With the help of performance mining, bottlenecks, waiting times and inefficiencies can be tracked down by the push of a button. Thanks to performance mining, a meat producer in Asia-Pacific was able to uncover and analyze process variants and make optimal adjustments to them.

Performance mining customer story

Detailed analyses made easy

With process performance in BIC Process Mining, you discover bottlenecks, rework, waiting times and process loops, and reveal previously hidden inefficiencies in the entire process flow.

The benefits of performance mining with BIC Process Mining:

  • Simple analysis option with just one click
  • Use of real process data for process analysis
  • Preconfigured key figures are available
  • Bottlenecks are directly visible in color
  • Animation for visual understanding of the processes
  • Filter option for individual, relevant data

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