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The easiest way to live and communicate processes: BIC Process Design's innovative process portal impresses with personalized dashboards and provides all employees with easy access to all the information they need to execute their processes. The unique user experience encourages collaboration, interaction, and cooperation - which means more real-time feedback and continuous improvement of your processes.

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Demonstrate complex process models in a comprehensible way

BIC Process Design's convenient process portal provides a comprehensive information platform for the entire organization. Through user rights and scopes, the information in the portal is provided in a target group-specific and comprehensible manner. In line with the guiding principle "one process - many views", each process model is automatically prepared in different display formats. You can display the processes relevant to you as a classic flow chart, matrix table or checklist to be executed. This makes it easy to understand even complex workflows with many branches.

Employees are actively informed about innovations in the portal and can access approved information, processes, documents, or analyses via the platform at any time. All content in the portal is protected via secure access control and is easy to manage via the integrated roles and rights concept. In this way, you create transparency about business activities and the basis for compliance-oriented process execution.

"My Start Screen" –
Your Personalized Dashboard

BIC Process Design's portal adapts to the needs of its users and enables different views and starting points into the world of process management. Portal users can easily configure their own dashboards and thus always keep an eye on the processes, organizational charts, IT systems and documents relevant to them. Let the portal shine in your corporate design and implement your company logo and corporate colors on the entire platform in just a few clicks. Save processes, documents, or company areas as a favorite and thus always keep an eye on your process performance.

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Active communication and collaboration

In addition to providing all important company information and processes, the portal enables active involvement of all team members in process design. Collaborative functions support a quick exchange of ideas and optimization potentials. In this way, knowledge can be jointly developed and directly implemented. Invite process participants to take part in discussions and provide their feedback. The result: active participation and higher employee satisfaction - and thus an intelligent tool to strengthen the continuous improvement process and process fidelity in your company.

Single-Source-of-Truth and attractive Collaboration Platform for higher Process Performance

Accelerate change through unique usability and outstanding attractiveness of your process management and benefit from the following advantages:

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Central administration: Reach all employees via a central channel that provides all process-relevant information and documents.

Communication platform: The collaboration of distributed teams and the simple exchange via the portal promote an active corporate culture.

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User-friendliness: Navigate intuitively through the attractive user interface and find all functionalities at the push of a button.

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Dynamic view: Benefit from different process views and a complete audit trail during certifications, audits, and onboarding of new employees.

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