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BIC Process Mining

Today, almost all business processes are supported by at least one IT system. With BIC Process Mining, you can make excellent use of these data volumes and generate a process model that not only provides you with detailed insights into your workflows, but at the same time forms the basis for many other comprehensive analyses of your business processes.

Discover your real-life processes

BIC Process Mining enables you to analyze your business processes in greater depth using your digital footprints. For this purpose, the discovery tool uses the collected data in event logs, which are recorded every day by your IT system in your organization, for example when an invoice is issued. Business Process Discovery is a basic technique in process mining and serves as a basis for any further analysis. An as-is process model is generated from the available event logs, which visually depicts the current course of the work steps and thus shows how the business processes in your company actually run. Business Process Discovery in BIC Process Mining is based on Split Miner, the most modern algorithm technique for the systematic discovery of processes on the market. Mapping the underlying social network with all people involved in the process steps is possible as well with the automated process discovery.

With BIC Process Mining, you thus create transparency in your process documentation, can directly identify bottlenecks and determine where time-consuming process loops take place. This discovery automation helps you to better understand your business processes and to be able to make data-driven process optimizations in a next step.

Business Process Discovery

Detailed process statistics at the push of a button

The generated business process model already shows you valuable information about the business processes in your company. For example, you can see how many cases pass through the respective activity or the transition ("arc") between activities and how long they last. Using the technique of color intensities, you can continue the analysis and see this information at a glance: the darker the color, the higher the number or duration of runs. You can get a deeper insight into the process statistics by adjusting the level of detail of the process model with the following settings:

business process modelling icon

Visualization Settings
Here you can switch between a process map and a BPMN model and identify splits and parallels. It is also possible to switch between a case and temporal view, allowing you to focus on and analyze different metrics such as minimum or maximum processing time.

time icon

Temporal Statistics
Here you can find first statistical evaluations of your event log: What is the minimum and maximum lead time? How long did the business processes take on average? In addition, you can see which time frame was covered by your event log in total.

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Log Statistics
With this setting you get a first insight into your event log. The overview shows you the number of process cases, the number of different process variations, the number of events and the number of different activities the system could detect in this process.

slider icon

Abstraction Settings
Using simple sliders, you can adjust the number of connections (arcs) or nodes in seconds. In the BPMN model, this allows you to control the display of parallel workflows. You also have the option to arrange the cases in a specific order (for example, from the most frequent to the least frequent run).

Customer Story: Saving lives with process discovery

Hospitals and healthcare facilities have been under increasing pressure, and not just since the Covid-19 pandemic. An optimized understanding of patient movement serves as an important basis for avoiding re-admissions after a supposedly successful discharge. Using Business Process Discovery, a hospital in Melbourne, Australia, was able to identify factors and analyze processes that increasingly lead to a later re-admission and adjust its business processes accordingly.

Process discovery customer story

Increased efficiency thanks to process discovery

Benefit from automated process discovery with BIC Process Mining and see how the processes in your company really play out. Because only if you know your processes very well, you can make process improvements and thus increase the efficiency and digital transformation of your entire company in the long term.

The advantages of automated process discovery with BIC Process Mining:

  • Easy conversion of process data into process models
  • Detailed insight into the real-time process flow
  • Transparency in all business processes
  • Shorter time to value without time-consuming modeling workshops
  • Ideal basis for further analyses
  • Take subsequent optimization measures based on data

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