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Ready to boost data management and integrity?

Are you reaching your limits with the volume of documents in today's digital age? Manual document management is time-consuming, error-prone and resource-intensive. Discover Intelligent Document Processing with BIC Process Execution – a technology that revolutionizes your data processing. Experience synchronised processes and documents with seamless data processing – anytime, anywhere, even from your smartphone or tablet.

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BIC Process Execution

Elevate Your Document Processing with Cutting-Edge Features

  • Processes and documents in sync

    Seamlessly connect your documents and data to your business processes and keep all your operations moving forward.

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    Automated document routing

    Automate document review, approval, and release processes and empower employees to process content at scale.

  • Quick approval by eSignature

    Get documents ready for eSigning, allowing signers to quickly access and electronically sign documents from anywhere.

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    Autonomous versioning and archiving

    Effortlessly manage multiple document versions and easily trace changes with automatic versioning and archiving.

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    Google-like search and filtering

    Swiftly find specific documents within a large data collection using powerful search and filtering capabilities.

Go beyond basic document management with intelligent document processing

document processing software

Processes and documents in sync

  • Ensure that every vital document is at your fingertips and effortlessly accessible right at the heart of your workflow
  • Stay rooted in one system, enabling you to directly view, edit, and upload documents as you execute your processes
  • Supercharge your work with real-time document access, enabling you to instantly upload and share documents for every process case you are working on

Automated document routing

  • Create a structured, systematic framework with tailored access rights for individuals and groups, incorporating categories, and tags to weave an intricate web of information
  • Implement an automated system to forward documents to the right individuals for editing and approval, reducing manual intervention
  • Seamlessly integrate your documents with other applications to enable smooth data exchange

Quick approval by eSignature

  • Seamlessly eSign documents or collect signatures online, all while staying compliant and secure
  • Accelerate your approval processes, granting the freedom to sign documents from anywhere, on any device
  • Use collaborative features to provide feedback on processes and documents, fostering knowledge transfer among all participants

Autonomous versioning and archiving

  • Eliminate the chaos of juggling multiple document versions and ensure that everyone works with the most up-to-date information
  • Track changes to documents, access previous versions, and restore them whenever needed
  • Automatically archive your documents in perfect alignment with regulatory requirements and internal policies and pass future reviews and audits with ease

Google-like search and filtering

  • Say farewell to endless searches, filing silos, and lost documents
  • Index and classify your documents with relevant metadata, ensuring effortless retrieval
  • Filter with ease by file name, document content, or metadata and locate your desired document in mere seconds

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Turn your ideas into software applications faster than ever before. Our dedicated automation experts guide you to rapid project success and a blazing fast time-to-market. Embrace the future of application development, automate your first process in no more than 8 weeks and accelerate return on investment (ROI).

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