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Are you still executing your processes manually and wasting valuable time with repetitive tasks? With BIC Process Execution manual, paper-based and monotonous activities belong to the past! Thanks to its unique No Code and Low Code technology, you can automate your processes quickly, easily and without any programming effort. Create a unique experience for employees and customers with accelerated processes, while benefiting from higher quality and better performance.

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Process automation in days, not months

Today, manual processes are considered detrimental to business. Nevertheless, about 68% of all processes are still executed highly manually. We say: Knock it off! Because process automation doesn't have to be expensive nor complicated! With our unique No Code and Low Code technology, you can create digital workflows in just a few clicks. Automate your processes without any programming, by simply capturing your workflows graphically. From there, BIC Process Execution generates directly executable workflows. By integrating third-party systems and RPA (Robotic Process Automation), you massivley accelerate process execution and uniquely orchestrate humans, IT systems, bots and data. The result: unprecedented time-to-value with digitalized workflows in record time.

Groundbreaking No Code and Low Code for Simple Process Automation

Whether simple or complex, any process can be automated - all without a single line of code. Our revolutionary automation solution, BIC Process Execution, transforms your manual, paper-based and repetitive activities into digital forms, executable workflows and tasks automated by bots. Simple and effective!




Design, implement, and scale executable workflows 10x faster

  • Take the lead in automating your workflows with our all-in-one solution consisting of breakthrough no and low code technology, dynamic case and task management, and a powerful BPM workflow and DMN decision engine
  • Automate your processes as easy as never before: with intuitive drag-and-drop modeling and without a single line of code
  • Create digital forms in seconds for fast data capture thanks to the easy-to-use form editor
  • Grow beyond yourself: benefit from maximum flexibility thanks to our mobile, cloud-based application, an unlimited number of processes and operations for maximum scalability, and a direct start into process automation by providing numerous process templates

A new era of end-to-end automation: Integrate third-party systems and RPA like never before

  • Easily integrate your third-party systems such as SAP®, Microsoft Dynamics®, Salesforce®, Sharepoint®, Microsoft Office®, UiPath®, and more thanks to the robust plug-in framework and a powerful REST API
  • Ensure optimal interaction between people, IT systems, bots and data thanks to end-to-end, seamless automation
  • Easily extend process automation with Robotic Process Automation and create a world-class employee experience by eliminating repetitive and monotonous tasks
  • Benefit from better performance and higher customer satisfaction through faster response times and reduced error-proneness

Set new standards in process optimization through comprehensive process monitoring

  • Conveniently track your process performance and always keep an eye on the processing status and process progress for each business transaction
  • Identify weaknesses, error-proneness and bottlenecks on the basis of comprehensive process analyses and make targeted process improvements
  • Facilitate collaboration between different business units through collaborative functions and benefit from reduced information loss
  • Create exceptional adoption and better feedback on potential process improvements through a world-class user interface and ease of use

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A rocket launch into process automation thanks to numerous process templates

Select, adapt, automate: three steps to automated processes. Whether purchasing, support, finance or HR processes, we have them all. Use our wide range of process templates, adapt them to your requirements and automate your first processes in just a few seconds.

Administration & Office Management

  • Visitor registration
  • Equipment requests handling
  • Inventory management
  • COVID-19 visitor tracing
  • Office safety inspection

Customer Success Support

  • Responding to managed services requests
  • Customer feedback collection
  • Customer onboarding
  • Churn prevention


  • Invoice generation
  • Invoice approval workflow
  • Invoice verification
  • Invoice processing
  • Grant management application
  • Expense reporting
  • Department forecasting
  • Close yearly accounts

IT Management

  • IT change management
  • Execute user access management
  • Cloud software updating
  • Managing IT requests
  • IT support ticket handling
  • IT services requests handling
  • IT help-desk support handling


  • Business case preparation
  • Report approval
  • Crisis communications planning
  • Emergency response: business continuity planning
  • Business continuity planning

Quality Management

  • GDPR audit
  • Data protection impact assessment
  • Audit planning
  • Conducting ISO 27001 audit
  • Document approval
  • CIP (continous improvement process)

Procurement & Purchasing

  • Purchase requisition
  • Vendor qualification
  • Order placing
  • Invoice receipt handling
  • Purchase order handling
  • Vendor approval
  • Vendor onboarding

Facility Management

  • Tenant onboarding
  • Tenant offboarding
  • Facility issue management
  • Maintenance request handling

Human Resources

  • Payroll adjustment
  • Employee onboarding
  • Employee offboarding
  • Vacation request
  • Request paid time off (PTO)
  • Performance review
  • Employee change request
  • Training
  • Human resource development management
  • Temporary contract extension
  • Creating a COVID travel exemption
  • Requesting parental leave
  • Payroll and expense reporting
  • Work from home (WFH) approval
  • Manage job postings
  • New hire request management
  • Set up employment contract
  • Recruiting


  • Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) management
  • Contract redlining
  • Legal document checking


  • Campaign planning
  • Dynamic feedback survey
  • Customer feedback
  • Monthly campaign review
  • Create media releases
  • Create press releases


  • Statement of Work (SoW) creation
  • Opportunity management
  • Quote request processing
  • Purchase order request handling
  • Revise sales contract
  • Lead qualification
  • Create proposal
  • Inbound sales lead discovery
  • Prepare tender response
  • Sales pitch planning

Together with GBTEC, we are constantly adding new functions to process management. This pays off, because with BIC Platform our employees have the best contact point to keep an eye on the processes that are important to them.

Michael MiesHead of Business Organization, MSIG Insurance Europe AG

The fastest and cheapest way for digitizing and automating your processes

BIC Process Execution provides the technology that you need to run your processes. Benefit from unprecedented features that revolutionize your business.

Save costs
  • Fast implementation
  • No complex workflow projects
  • Minimal use of resources
Increase speed
  • Accelerate process execution
  • Automate manual tasks
  • Quick access to all processes
Reduce risks
  • Ensure process conformity
  • Monitor process execution
  • Minimize errors and deviations

Our editions for your requirements

Choose from our three editions the right edition for your company depending on the desired level of automation and start the future of process automatization with BIC Process Execution.


The One-Click-Edition offers you an excellent start into process automation. Users can easily turn their process documentation into executable workflows with just one mouse click.

Citizen Developer

Automate complex workflows extensively: With the Citizen-Developer-Edition, you can configure sophisticated workflows in a modular system on a no-code basis - without any programming knowledge at all.


With the Professional Edition, you can rely on a comprehensive solution for first-class workflow management. Discover how you can implement individual adaptations and smaller applications independently on a low-code basis.

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