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Meet BIC Process Execution, our cutting-edge workflow automation software. Streamline operations, boost productivity and simplify complex processes. Automate workflows visually, track performance and effortlessly connect people, IT and data - with zero coding experience. Achieve unparalleled efficiency.

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BIC Process Execution

What makes BIC Process Execution the #1 Workflow Automation Software

  • Visually automated workflows

    Transform manual and paper-based tasks into digital and automated processes, simply through drag-and-drop modeling.

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    Tailor-made intuitive forms

    Create digital forms in a matter of seconds with ready-to-use building blocks and launch workflows instantly.

  • Revealing reports and analytics

    Keep an eye on progress, bottlenecks, and optimization potentials to boost efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • Data, IT systems and RPA connected

    Tie your workflows to relevant data and IT systems for seamless process execution and let bots do the stupid work.

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    Dynamic task routing

    Assign tasks automatically to the right team members, set deadlines and monitor your progress.

Supercharge your operations with the power of workflow automation

workflow automation software

Visually automated workflows

  • Create lightning-fast digital workflows with drag-and-drop modeling and pre-built automation components
  • Execute workflows on any device and fast-track your automation with ready-to-use workflow templates
  • Free yourself from scarce IT resources and automate any process without a single line of code

Tailor-made intuitive forms

  • Craft dynamic forms in a snap with our user-friendly form editor
  • Easily shape form fields and widgets via drag-and-drop magic, automating everything from simple tasks to complex end-to-end processes
  • Harness AI-powered auto-completion and data validation for accelerated, error-free form completion

Revealing reports and analytics

  • Stay in the driver’s seat with real-time process monitoring, tracking the progress of each business transaction with interactive dashboards
  • Identify hidden weak points and bottlenecks and transform processes at the core
  • Continuously improve, fine-tune and enhance your workflows for maximum efficiency

Data, IT systems and RPA connected

  • Easily integrate any IT system with our pre-built connectors and user-friendly API integrations
  • Unlock a new generation of seamless process automation, steeming directly from business modeling – no more media disruption
  • Elevate your automation game by uniting digital workflows with RPA, letting bots handle the repetitive tasks

Dynamic task routing

  • Clearly define responsibilities and manage absences, ensuring smooth operations and perfect task alignment
  • Set deadlines to monitor your progress and boost on-time task completion
  • Facilitate team work through real-time collaboration, minimizing information leakage

Launch your first application in less than 8 weeks. Guaranteed.

Turn your ideas into software applications faster than ever before. Our dedicated automation experts guide you to rapid project success and a blazing fast time-to-market. Embrace the future of application development, automate your first process in no more than 8 weeks and accelerate return on investment (ROI).

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