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Everest Group Process Orchestration Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023 Update

Immerse yourself in the latest edition of the Everest Group Process Orchestration Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment, published in November 2023. This insightful report analyzes 24 vendors in depth concerning their market impact, vision, and product capabilities. GBTEC is recognized as Representative Vendor in the Everest Report for Process Orchestration for the third time in a row and as “Major Contender" for the second consecutive year.

What the independent analyst research from Everest Group can teach you

  • The evaluation of 24 leading process orchestration software vendors
  • The reasons why GBTEC was recognized as a “Major Contender”
  • The latest trends in process orchestration
  • The vendors' key strengths and current technical limitations

GBTEC wins Process Orchestration PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023 as Best European Vendor

The renewed award as "Major Contender" impressively underlines GBTEC's ongoing development and ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence. Everest’s analysis highlights the extensive BPM capabilities of the BIC platform:

  • Comprehensive process mapping, analysis, collaboration, and automation, including process mining and governance, risk, and compliance
  • Holistic process optimization using a single platform
  • Interactive low-code/no-code automation solutions through intuitive drag-and-drop functionality 
  • Optimized, powerful end-to-end process automation and seamless integration of IT systems, data, and bots

PEAK Matrix® provides exclusive insights into the technology landscape of process orchestration

Everest Group has thoroughly analyzed the performance of 24 vendors of process orchestration tools and classified them into the categories of "Leader", "Major Contender" and "Aspirant" in the renowned PEAK Matrix®. The report not only provides insights into selected products, application areas, strengths, and weaknesses in the field of process orchestration, but also paints a detailed picture of the competitive landscape. As a guide, the PEAK Matrix® helps decision-makers select the optimal technology partner. In addition, the report identifies key trends and highlights the outstanding strengths and limitations of each vendor.

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