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BIC Process Mining
by Apromore

Processes in your company seem obscure to you? Would you like to have a better understanding of the actual procedures of your processes? With process mining you can uncover hidden process data and track down the pitfalls, errors and bottlenecks in your company. The BIC software stands out due to cutting-edge algorithms, offers comprehensive data mining and analysis, and automates the digitalization of your process landscape.


Process mining revolutionizes your business

Do not grope in the dark, but follow the trail of real event logs in your organization. With BIC and the integrated data mining method, you gain valuable insights from the real-time data of your own IT systems. Previously hidden process data is uncovered in the form of event logs in BIC and analyzed to reconstruct your real business processes. Automatically generated process models allow you to automate tedious and time-consuming analyses in your enterprise and to implement effective optimization measures.

Achieve true process excellence with our
ground-breaking process mining technology

BIC Process Mining is based on the open source platform Apromore. In the collaboration room you visualize business processes automatically as event logs, manage and monitor them in real-time and transform them into a uniform process landscape. Optimize them using valuable insights and communicate potential for improvement directly within your organization.

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Digitalization of your real workflows thanks to process discovery & visualization

Every process leaves digital footprints. With BIC you collect process execution data from a variety of source systems. The process mining tool establishes a secure connection to your IT systems in order to automatically collect, evaluate and analyze transactional data. The robust plug-in framework allows seamless integration into a variety of systems and individual adaptation to your company's specific integration requirements.

After data import, you can reconstruct your actual business processes at the click of a mouse, which the application presents to you realistically as flowcharts (so-called “process maps”) and, as a special highlight, additionally as BPMN models, ready to be used by your analysts for communication and analysis purposes. In this way, you gain full transparency of your real operations and implement improvement measures where they really matter.

Comprehensive process mining for an efficient enterprise

Once you have analyzed your automatically-discovered process models, it is important to draw valuable conclusions. Use step-based performance mining to analyze performance at each process task and monitor event logs in real-time. Use the process mining software to identify error-prone processes, long cycle times, frequent back loops and bottlenecks that cost unnecessary time and money or hinder your product and service quality. You can use key performance indicators to evaluate their impact on business objectives. Based on these analyses, you will identify suitable improvement measures that specifically eliminate weaknesses.

The generated bpmn models can be edited directly and process improvements can be easily displayed. Communicate optimized process flows to all participants via the collaboration function and thus effectively implement business process management measures. BIC integrates a wide range of business intelligence features, enabling leaner and more efficient workflows. Thanks to this, you can improve your customer experience in the long term and thus create a huge competitive advantage.

Fewer risks through powerful conformance checking and predictive process monitoring

With our process mining software, you reduce your business risks because you always have the compliance of workflows in view. Use the conformance checking function to compare the actual log files with the target status of your processes to identify deviations and their frequency. This allows you to immediately detect non-compliant procedures, compliance violations and potential risks and to analyze their impact. Check the differences between two or more valid process variants using variant analysis and identify inconsistencies both at the structural level, and in the process dynamics .

BIC also uses state-of-the-art AI techniques to make data-centric predictions about ongoing business processes. Forecasts on the further course of the process are visualized in dashboards and updated in real time. Potential dangers can thus be avoided well in advance.

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The finest of open source development combined with excellent customer focus

The best is just good enough for BIC, that's why we rely on the leading open source provider of process mining software for: Apromore. As lead investor and development partner we are firmly convinced by the quality of the Apromore software, the product’s strategic direction and the strong team behind it. BIC Process Mining provides the same functionality as the Enterprise Edition of Apromore, which is constantly updated by the world's leading process mining pioneers.

As technological implementation partner, we cooperate closely with Apromore and are constantly exploring new interfaces between Business Process Management and Process Mining. We combine the most advanced data mining functionalities with the latest technological achievements in process modeling and execution. Together we revolutionize our customers’ digital transformation journey.

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Apromore is a Representative Vendor of process mining software

As one of 20 Representative Vendors, Apromore is named in the Gartner Market Guide for Process Mining (2020). In the Market Guide, Gartner highlights the special capability of the underlying algorithm (Split Miner) for the automatic process discovery and acknowledges the extensive bandwidth of process mining features. As major features, the comprehensive conformance checks, the detection of process deviations and the outstanding model enhancement functionalities are named.

Discover the advantages of BIC Process Mining

BIC combines leading data science technologies with smart business intelligence features.
Use the power of BIC for optimization and transform your company sustainably.

State-of-the-art algorithms
BIC is based on the most advanced algorithms for process mining such as Split Miner, and is the result of over a decade of extensive research and innovation.
Flexible conditions
Unlimited number of processes, unlimited number of named users and unlimited data storage offer particularly high flexibility for your projects.
Full BPMN 2.0 integration
Convert event logs into editable process models to combine the data-driven analytics with end-to-end process management.

Let your real processes be tracked down digitally

On average, organizations use nearly 500 different programs. Many of them contain valuable information about actual processes. BIC offers you the opportunity to automatically gain a holistic overview of the real processes in your company.

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Lack of transparency is a thing of the past:
Discover processes that were previously hidden.

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From now on, nothing escapes you:
Scan critical programs for vulnerabilities and bottlenecks.

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Digitalize your process landscape:
Use the real processes as a starting point and save time in process design.

Your company uses ERP software? Departments coordinate their tasks with different project management tools? Sales and marketing work with a customer management system? Let's be honest: Do you know all business-relevant processes that take place in these and other programs?

The world's strongest process mining algorithms will find out for you. With its integrated data science technology, the process mining software uncovers the structures and processes in your company, for example directly from your ERP system. It automatically maps the acquired data digitally and creates logical links. With this as-is process landscape, you gain an immediate overview of inefficiencies, weak points and optimization potential.

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