No-Code process automation in minutes: simple, time and cost saving

Manual processes not only require a considerable amount of time and coordination, but also catapult companies far behind in the direct competition. Yet many companies still execute a large part of their processes manually, causing employees to waste their working time on unproductive and predominantly administrative tasks. With BIC Process Execution, manual and inefficient processes are a thing of the past. With our unique No Code and Low Code technology, you generate automated workflows based on your own documented processes. Digitize your business easily, quickly and without any programming. Within seconds, your workflows are also available as an application on mobile devices.

Webinar (On Demand)


Whether simple or complex, any process can be automated - and without a single line of code. In our webinar, we will demonstrate how BIC Process Execution transforms your manual, paper-based and repetitive activities into executable processes directly and without programming. In the course of it, we will present you these and many more unique features:

  • Full BPMN & EPC support: No matter which notation you choose - BIC Process Execution makes all processes executable. As a single point of truth, the tool combines process documentation and execution in one central platform.
  • Feature-rich form editor: Create digital forms in seconds for fast data capture thanks to the easy-to-use form editor.
  • Direct start into process automation: By providing numerous process templates such as purchasing, support, finance or HR processes, you can directly automate your first processes.
  • Integration of various third-party systems: Integrate various applications such as SAP®, Microsoft Dynamics®, Salesforce®, Sharepoint®, Microsoft Office®, UiPath®, and more along the entire process thanks to the robust plug-in framework and a powerful REST API.
  • Extensive process monitoring: Always keep an eye on the processing status and process progress for each business transaction.

You too can leverage the full potential of your processes with automated end-to-end workflows, further driving digital transformation in your business.

Participation in the webinar is free of charge. To order the on-demand webinar, please fill out the form. We will then send you a link to the recording by email.

The speakers

Devin Helmig
(Manager Pre-Sales)

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Lukas Heine
(Account Executive)

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