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Do you need a solution that mirrors your established governance, risk and compliance processes in their current form? If so, the right choice for you is BIC Custom GRC, a GRC software that is completely tailored to your specific requirements - either by an in-house team or with GBTEC as part of a project. BIC Custom GRC fully adapts to your unique technical and business needs.

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Discover the versatile world of BIC Custom GRC - the tailor-made solution for all your governance, risk, and compliance requirements. Whether you are just starting out or are already advanced – we'll adapt our solution exactly to your individual maturity level. You can either customize the tool according to your specific requirements or conveniently use existing BIC components.

Our flexible Enterprise Management System allows you to easily integrate different GRC processes and use cases: from risk and control to compliance, security, as well as audit. The diverse capabilities of BIC Custom Solutions result in ideally adapted, integrated GRC solutions for medium-sized and larger companies, as well as international corporations.

BIC Enterprise Risk - GRC Software

Tailored. Extensible. Future-Proof.

BIC Custom GRC goes beyond the mere fulfillment of formal and external requirements, such as compliance with various policies. Rather, it enables you to establish an active, integrated GRC management system that supports the sustainable development of your company on its way to Operational Excellence in a transparent and binding manner.

Unlimited Scalability of Your GRC Management System

  • Use BIC Custom GRC as a scalable and powerful GRC software solution that is completely independent of the number of use cases or users in the system
  • Manage all classic GRC domains such as risk, control, audit, security or compliance in one platform
  • Connect your existing GRC structure with other management systems such as Strategic Management, Quality Management or Sustainability Management as required
  • Benefit from a flexible adjustment of the software to your individual company requirements to ensure a seamless workflow

One GRC Platform That Can Do It All

  • Interlink your GRC information in a uniform, risk- and value-oriented management system
  • Experience an active management system that goes beyond mere documentation and compliance
  • Achieve Operational Excellence by continuously expanding, developing, and improving your GRC processes
  • Simplify your management, support your operational goals, and secure your assets by means of a unified platform

Limitless Customization Options for Your GRC Solution

  • Define all data content freely and manage it sensibly and efficiently
  • Customize system access for all users based on a group and role concept
  • Design dashboards and reports according to your wishes, maximizing data output quality
  • Enjoy extensive visualization options with BIC Custom GRC, from simple sliders to spider charts to using individual smilies

Exceptional User-guidance Throughout the GRC Software

  • Facilitate navigation through the software thanks to intuitive and individually definable workflows, eliminating the need for extensive training measures
  • Analyze simulated risk scenarios and all the necessary information for self-assessments, audits or annual reviews at the touch of a button
  • Increase your GRC maturity level gradually and automatically, securing your company assets both in the medium and long term
  • Place your trust in BIC Custom GRC, which has both your own needs and those of your colleagues in mind, turning GRC into a real pleasure for everyone involved

The estimated internal rate of turn for integrating risk management and the internal control system was well over 15 %. The efficiency increased significantly with 25 % less work. Moreover, we gained across-the-board acceptance, from employees to executives.

Marco Mannes Project Manager, EnBW

BIC Custom GRC for a Fully Custom-built Solution

Don’t let a GRC software set limits to your needs and requirements. BIC Custom GRC completely adjusts to your existing processes, guidelines and needs.

Higher efficiency

Facilitate your everyday tasks through automated governance, risk and compliance processes in BIC.

Full transparency

Profit from transparent GRC processes, the right information at any time, and compliance with renowned standards.

Higher maturity level

Make ongoing improvements to your GRC in BIC to increase the level of maturity.

A Good Idea Today, Implemented by Tomorrow

With our GRC software, you can easily fulfill all your obligatory requirements (e.g. ISO standards), while generating decisive advantages for the success of your company. With integrated reporting options from the respective GRC areas, you can provide top management with a clear overview of the current company situation, laying the foundation for strategic decisions. This way, your GRC tool becomes a real value driver that ensures the achievement of your corporate goals.

Take your governance, risk, and compliance processes to a new level with BIC Custom GRC.

  • Intelligent GRC - BIC Custom GRC supports the integration of different GRC processes, enabling meaningful and insightful reporting.
  • Tailored GRC - BIC Custom GRC offers a tailor-made and individually configurable solution for customer and industry-specific governance, risk, and compliance requirements.
  • Digital GRC - BIC Custom GRC allows the seamless integration of existing information and data. This makes managing your existing resources even easier and more efficient.
  • Connected GRC - BIC Custom GRC promotes constructive collaboration, communication, and exchange of information between different GRC entities, both internally and externally.

Simplify Your Work Through Automated GRC Software

By automating repetitive processes and using workflows, you can reduce the time and work required for GRC - for example, by up to 50 % in enterprise risk. Local business departments conduct risk and compliance analyses that, in turn, are aggregated for the group. Users on various management levels can then review the risks in the right level of granularity.

Profit from Full Transparency in Your GRC

BIC Custom GRC clearly displays GRC processes to enable individual, economically feasible actions to mitigate risk. All processes that take place in your company, including self-assessments, audits, questionnaires and annual reviews, are archived in revision-safe formats. The complete information you need for audits and certifications – for example, to comply with ISO standards – is available at a click of a button.

Increase the Maturity of Your GRC Management System

By mapping your governance, risk and compliance processes in BIC Custom GRC, you can measure your organization's level of compliance with respect to different standards and rules in an internal audit. As a result, you identify where actions need to be taken long before an external audit. Thanks to the qualitative and quantitative evaluation of risk scenarios, risk management can be integrated into mid-range enterprise planning. Since you can flexibly adapt BIC Custom GRC to your unique changing needs, you ensure long-term investment security.

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