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with BIC Custom GRC

Do you need a solution that mirrors your established governance, risk and compliance processes in their current form? If so, the right choice for you is BIC Custom GRC, a GRC software that is completely tailored to your specific requirements - either by an in-house team or with GBTEC as part of a project. BIC Custom GRC fully adapts to your unique technical and business needs.

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With BIC Custom GRC, you can fulfill all requirements within the scope of governance, risk and compliance. The development stage is adapted to the GRC maturity level that reflects your needs. You can flexibly map your GRC processes in the tool by configuring existing BIC components or implementing individual specifications from scratch. BIC also enables an integrative way to map a wide range of GRC processes and use cases – such as risk, control, compliance, security and audit – in a flexible, efficient enterprise management system. Due to the vast possibilities in BIC Custom GRC, midsize companies, large corporations and international players can all create custom integrated GRC solutions for their unique demands.

BIC Enterprise Risk - GRC Software

Tailored. Future-proof. Extensible.

BIC Custom GRC goes beyond the mere fulfillment of formal and external requirements, such as compliance with various guidelines. The software establishes an active, integrated GRC management system to support sustainable improvements to the company and drive operational excellence in a transparent, binding manner.

Unlimited scalability

BIC Custom GRC is designed to support rollouts of all sizes and levels of complexity. Whether your GRC software solution supports 5 or even 5,000 users, the underlying platform from GBTEC ensures constant, robust performance.

With BIC Custom GRC, companies are able to map their own governance, risk and compliance processes exactly as they wish. Due to the technological design, adding new users is a simple, straightforward process. Think big but start small and extend your GRC over time with additional users or other GRC processes such as enterprise risk or internal control. BIC Custom GRC grows with your changing needs.

Security is top priority

Enterprise data security has high priority in any company. As a GRC software vendor, however, it even ranks at the very top of our list. We are dedicated to making constant security improvements in our GRC tool to ensure that your data, your company's most valuable asset, receives the best-possible protection.

At GBTEC, we regularly contract an external team of specialists to conduct comprehensive penetration tests that thoroughly examine BIC GRC and reliably detect any potential or emerging threats well in advance. This guarantees the security of BIC Custom GRC - and, therefore, the security of your data.

Major reduction in administrative tasks

With BIC Custom GRC, you drastically reduce the administrative work for integrated GRC. You can implement any changes in a test system and, upon completion, transfer them to the live system with the touch of a button. The transport mechanism in BIC automatically passes on changes and you immediately work with production data.

Instead of spending your time on routine administration, you can focus on more important tasks for your business. Many companies use Excel applications to implement risk management, which results in an immense amount of administrative work. BIC relieves you from these tasks and saves valuable resources so you can fully concentrate on optimizing or extending your GRC management system.

State-of-the-art handling

BIC Custom GRC offers vast visualization capabilities specifically for governance, risk and compliance. If desired, you can work with custom sliders or even smileys. Interactive heat maps that can be edited directly are supported as well.

The intuitive interface of the GRC tool ensures an optimized user experience. Since each user is guided through the necessary steps, there is no need for extensive – or expensive – training.

The estimated internal rate of turn for integrating risk management and the internal control system was well over 15 %. The efficiency increased significantly with 25 % less work. Moreover, we gained across-the-board acceptance, from employees to executives.

Marco MannesProject Manager, EnBW

BIC Custom GRC for a fully custom-built solution

Don’t let a GRC software set limits to your needs and requirements. BIC Custom GRC completely adjusts to your existing processes, guidelines and needs.

Higher efficiency
Facilitate your everyday tasks through automated governance, risk and compliance processes in BIC.
Full transparency
Profit from transparent GRC processes, the right information at any time, and compliance with renowned standards.
Higher maturity level
Make ongoing improvements to your GRC in BIC to increase the level of maturity.

A good idea today, implemented by tomorrow

Fulfill all your obligatory requirements (e.g., ISO standards) while generating decisive advantages for your business success in the process. Reports from all areas of GRC provide top management crucial insight on the current situation throughout the organization and lay the foundation for strategic decisions. Your GRC tool adds tangible value and ensures that you attain your corporate targets.  

Take your governance, risk and compliance to new levels with BIC Custom GRC. 

  • Intelligent GRC – Support the integration of various GRC processes in a single, enterprise management system.
  • Tailored GRC – Configure and customize specific governance, risk and compliance requirements in BIC Custom GRC to your needs.
  • Digital GRC – Integrate data and information that already exists throughout the organization.
  • Connected GRC – Promote collaboration, communication as well as a structured way to exchange information across various internal and external GRC teams.

Simplify your work through automated GRC software

By automating repetitive processes and using workflows, you can reduce the time and work required for GRC - for example, by up to 50 % in enterprise risk. Local business departments conduct risk and compliance analyses that, in turn, are aggregated for the group. Users on various management levels can then review the risks in the right level of granularity.

Profit from full transparency in your GRC

BIC Custom GRC clearly displays GRC processes to enable individual, economically feasible actions to mitigate risk. All processes that take place in your company, including self-assessments, audits, questionnaires and annual reviews, are archived in revision-safe formats. The complete information you need for audits and certifications – for example, to comply with ISO standards – is available at a click of a button.

Increase the maturity of your GRC management system

By mapping your governance, risk and compliance processes in BIC Custom GRC, you can measure your organization's level of compliance with respect to different standards and rules in an internal audit. As a result, you identify where actions need to be taken long before an external audit. Thanks to the qualitative and quantitative evaluation of risk scenarios, risk management can be integrated into mid-range enterprise planning. Since you can flexibly adapt BIC Custom GRC to your unique changing needs, you ensure long-term investment security.

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