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Software-driven audit management helps companies attain their goals by offering a systematic approach to evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk management, controls and management processes. BIC GRC for audit management enables both internal auditing teams and external auditors to independently and objectively document their complete audit activities and findings. This provides an ideal foundation to improve the organizational processes and generate lasting added value.

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Tap the potential of digitalized audit management

BIC Internal Audit helps your company utilize the potential of comprehensive audit management and visualize it at a glance. Create your audit plan or plan specific audits directly in BIC GRC and store your results and follow-up steps all in a single location. Structured, linkable dashboards containing rich visualization and filter options generate a status overview across your organization with the touch of a button. A wide range of filter options provide authorized users and auditors intuitive access to the content they need. Dynamic to-do lists also give real-time insight on which tasks are still open for a given user. 

Transparent. Effective. Sustainable.

One audit management system for all your auditing needs. Take advantage of state-of-the-art software that fulfills your unique requirements.

Audit software with outstanding usability

  • Customize all dashboards in BIC Internal Audit according to your needs and get a quick overview of the status and evaluation of your audits
  • Access audit findings at any time, depending on your role and permission
  • Use the information gathered in support of your control and decision-making activities, and present it to Management and auditors
  • Gather data directly from the dashboard or quickly navigate to the information you need via interactive controls and pre-defined links

Revision-safe auditing for maximum transparency

  • Store company-specific guidelines, standards, and laws in BIC Internal Audit to ensure that your audit processes comply with all current requirements
  • Use ISO 19011 as a guide to auditing various management systems such as Quality Management (ISO 9001) or Environmental Management (ISO 14001)
  • Archive completed audits in the system preventing them from being changed later
  • Ensure complete documentation and tracking at all times

Flexible integration of audit processes into existing projects

  • Take advantage of the intuitive workflows and user-friendly dashboard to simplify the execution of audit processes
  • Expand your solution by adding individual dashboards to optimize your overviews and adapt them to your needs
  • Maintain and execute your audits in a resource-saving and economical manner
  • Integrate BIC Internal Audit into existing BIC GRC solutions and benefit from seamless collaboration between the applications

Workflow-supported risk management processes

  • Manage the wide range of internal auditing tasks with the extensive administration functions of BIC Internal Audit and always keep an overview of topics such as corporate governance, risk management, and management processes
  • Carry out checks along the workflow-based audit process, leave comments, and hold discussions with colleagues and affected staff units directly in the tool
  • Inform your colleagues quickly and efficiently about relevant changes via automated emails
  • Integrate BIC Internal Audit seamlessly with other BIC GRC standard solutions and benefit from an effective and efficient exchange of information

We chose BIC because it is a future-driven, interconnective GRC solution that supports the ongoing maturity process within this space. Compared to other solutions, BIC also offers the best usability.

Reto Gugger Project Manager, Visana

Transparency is key for sustainable success in business

Map your complete audit processes in a single software solution. This ensures that you build an efficient management system that meets your current and future needs.

Check effectively

Ensure that the methods and guidelines are followed correctly and efficiently across all legal entities, business units and processes.

Minimize work

Reduce the time and work involved with external audits that are typically based on the results of internal audits.

Conduct audits

Act as the leading authority for planned, ad hoc and special audits that normally take place following the occurrence of unexpected events.

BIC Internal Audit:
The business side

BIC Internal Audit was designed for companies that want to plan and document their internal and external auditing processes in concert within a single application. The software, therefore, maps the planning process and individual steps for conducting internal as well as external audits. The workflows are fully based on today’s popular norms and standards. The underlying methodology is also designed to seamlessly extend the data from cyclical evaluations in planning overviews with data from acyclical audits. This enables you to generate a greater scope of information that can be intuitively filtered in BIC GRC.

The simple way to ensure audit safety and transparency throughout your company

BIC Internal Audit makes it easy to audit all process steps and management systems across your organization in a transparent, revision-safe manner. You can also use the BIC platform to support many other use cases to support all of your GRC needs and facilitate your daily work.

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