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BIC Process Design

Experience the latest generation of business process management. With BIC Process Design you create the prerequisite for your company's performance and you can design your business processes easily and efficiently. The software offers not only all features that compose successful business process management. It is also highly intuitive and easy to use. Whether you want to model, analyze, communicate or operate your activities, BIC Process Design is your best choice for next-level business process management.


Rely on the market leader for professional business process management

From modeling to execution and analysis of processes up to the optimization in the business process management software BIC Process Design, your whole BPM finds a home. Use the software to build a digital process landscape that covers your full organization. Control the actual processes based on key performance indicators. Provide users with easily understandable instructions and features to automate their workflows. Optimize your structures and processes with continuous improvement directly in the tool.

Modern design. Intuitive handling.
Powerful BPM software.

With its extensive features, the system is the key for a successful digital transformation of your company. You run through all essential steps of business process management in a BPM solution with a unique look and feel.

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Simplest process mapping & comprehensive analyses for better performance

BIC Process Design makes the modeling of business processes, the centerpiece of every process management software, particularly intuitive. To accurately depict various BPM scenarios, just use one of the multitude of notations (e.g. BPMN 2.0, EPC, DMN). You can enrich processes and embedded objects with all important information such as descriptions, documents and KPIs. You model processes together with your colleagues? No problem, the integrated collaboration feature supports you with the joint composition of your process landscape.

BIC Process Design uses database-supported modeling. You benefit from the detailed representation of process data as meaningful reports of key figures and relationships. These reliably uncover weaknesses and open up previously unknown optimization potential for your business process management. The modeling database can also be integrated into SAP SolMan so that you can make the most of the synergy effects between process management and advanced business management with SAP solutions. 

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Absolute BPM transparency and best possible exchange thanks to the personalized process portal

With the user-friendly process portal in modern design, you communicate current information directly to the whole organization or to customers and suppliers across the globe. Based on the personal permit, the web-based BPM suite allows access to contents such as organizational structures, process flows, IT systems, documents and much more. To allow every user to instantly get access to the most important information, dashboards can be personalized according to different needs.

BIC provides information in various ways, for example as short profiles in textual form or in tables. This makes process models easily understandable, even for employees without BPM knowledge. Directly in the portal, you can generate process-based manuals for trainings, certifications and audits. Even an all-encompassing company manual can be produced by just the click of a button.

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Uncomplicated release thanks to governance workflow management

With the intelligent governance features in BIC Process Design, you have full control over your business process landscape. The software offers standardized workflow management - besides release and publication of processes, it also automates re-submission workflows for regular reviews. You can add a scope as well as role-based responsibilities to every process and every document. At the same time, collaborative features enable direct feedback to processes and notifications, when changes occur.

Automate validation processes, without having to manually track and document checks and releases with a high effort. The tool offers adaptive workflows to realize the most diverse compliance standards of a company. The low code engine in the BPM software assures that you can configure these even without programming knowledge.

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All the information you need, where you need it - with substantial document management

BIC Process Design provides data directly in the process model, in the process short profile, the workflow or via the full text search feature. This prevents an email and filing chaos even without costly system integrations. Instead, the software is an elaborate and transparent solution to easily and safely manage your documents. These are subject to an adaptive release feature. This way, you ensure that the latest version of a document is accessible at all times.

In business process management, and especially in quality management, companies maintain a multitude of valid documents with strict regulations and defined quality standards. With the innovative document integration, the maintenance is easily realized and everything is up to date. Just upload documents per drag and drop and manage them with intelligent workflows. The comment feature allows a direct feedback and the exchange of knowledge between all persons involved.

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For the third time in a row: GBTEC's BPM software in the Gartner Market Guide for Enterprise Business Process Analysis Software

With BIC Platform, we are listed as Representative Vendor in Gartner's Market Guide for Enterprise Business Process Analysis (2020). The Market Guide names 16 representative software suites for the modeling and analysis of digital business processes. According to Gartner, BIC Platform is mainly tailored to the use case digital operations. Gartner says that EBPA suites in this use case serve as center for digital transformation by coordinating other IT systems and resources, and raise the agility of companies. The intuitive operation and the easy connection of process models are named as special product features of BIC Platform.

BIC Process Design is the recipe for success for your process management

With BIC Process Design you successfully lay the foundation for professional und efficient process management. Try our free 30-day trial version today and see for yourself.

A BPM suite for everyone
BIC stands for easy yet extensive collaboration. The integrated process portal is aimed at process managers as well as non-specialist users.
Complete flexibility
You choose: BIC Process Design can be operated in the public and private cloud or as an on-premise solution in your data center.
SAP SolMan integration
The seamless transition from process to business management: BIC Process Design can be easily integrated in SAP SolMan.

Modeled today,
realized tomorrow

The business process management software offers all features necessary to optimize your digital business processes and keep them under control in no time. Because you can quickly model, release, share and analyze business processes and BPM relevant documents.

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The competition never sleeps:
Now is the time to lower costs and reduce cycle times.

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The end of working-past-each-other:
Set up an end-to-end process landscape that connects teams and departments.

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Digitalization has never begun in PowerPoint or Excel:
Design your BPM quickly and intuitively with layout assistants and extensive attribution.

Many companies have put little thought into the possibilities of holistic business processes and process automation. In others, the misunderstanding prevails that business processes could be managed with pure graphic programs. But only the companies that purposefully execute the modeling, processing, analysis and optimization of business processes, fully exploit their potential.

BIC Process Design is the BPM solution that not only replaces uncoordinated procedures with quality-assured business processes but also with intuitive workflow management. Processes you model and release today, can be realized tomorrow by the workforce across the globe, step by step. The BPM tool also offers a wide range of reports to continuously improve your processes.

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