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Intuitive mapping and comprehensive analyses of your processes made easy: BIC Process Design enables you to get a direct start in BPM modeling. With the innovative mapping tool, you create the foundations for professional process and quality management. Gain success-critical insights into your business processes and boost your performance significantly.

Quick start thanks to intuitive modeling

BIC Process Design focuses on transparency and optimization of your business processes. The navigation and applications in the tool are clearly and logically arranged so that you can start modeling your business processes directly without any prior knowledge. BIC Process Design adapts to all requirements and allows different views, functions and color choices depending on the user. In order to let you concentrate on the content instead of how to handle the tool, BIC Process Design takes care of many operations for you.

Process mapping is supported by the following features:

  • Convenient auto-layouter that sensibly aligns your entire process flow in seconds and ensures a clear appearance
  • Model assistant, which contains all the features known from PowerPoint (transfer format, arrange elements, align objects to each other, etc.)
  • Object preview, showing you which objects (depending on the modeling rules of the underlying notation) may be used next
  • Automated syntax checks and validations that ensure correct and consistent modeling of your processes

Thanks to the offline function of BIC Process Design, you can continue modeling in your browser even without an internet connection. The data generated offline is then synchronized again once the connection is active. We call this maximum flexibility and security for your data - at any time and any place.

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Countless notations and dynamic method selection

BIC Process Design has a newly developed, seamlessly integrated method editor that allows administrators to select notations such as BPMN 2.0, DMN and EPC and VCD as available diagram types for modeling, to specify individual elements within the diagram type or to define user-defined methods. The preconfigured modeling languages can be extended as required. This ensures consistent modeling of your business processes across all teams that are responsible for the mapping of your company's processes.

In addition to the common modeling languages, BIC Process Design also provides the so-called "Customer Journey Map". This allows you to visualize the customer's journey including all interaction points with your company. The 360° perspective on your operational processes from the customer's point of view enables you to analyze your customer interaction, uncover potential for optimization and control the customer journey in a targeted manner. Delight your customers with well thought-out and smoothly interlocking processes and benefit from higher customer satisfaction and stronger customer loyalty.

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Extensive analyses and ready-made reports by the push of a button

With BIC Process Design, you reliably uncover optimization potential and carry out targeted process improvements. For the evaluation and optimization of processes, the tool provides you with extensive analyses, ready-made reports and detailed reviews. Thanks to the extensive database analysis, all the information you need is made available to you in seconds. Different KPIs such as process costs, product costs, process throughput times or capacity utilization can be comprehensively examined. Identify potential for improvement and optimize your processes sustainably.

BIC Process Design includes the following reports by default:

  • Profile
  • Manual
  • Process Matrix
  • Process Cost Simulation
  • Process Warehouse

Transparent and optimized processes for your business success

Visualizing your business processes helps you to better understand, structure and optimize your daily workflows. BIC Process Design gives you a quick start into professional process modeling. At the same time, you form the basis for your holistic process, quality, and risk management.
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