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BIC Process Execution

Turn business challenges into competitive advantages and set new standards for the digitalization of your processes. With BIC Process Execution, GBTEC presents a world first for the digitalization and automation of your business processes. Modeled workflows are transformed into executable processes with the click of a mouse using powerful zero code workflows. With this technology, which is unique on the market, we conquer the future of process automation together with you.


Digitize your processes at record time and lowest costs

Whether manufacturing, service companies, public institutions or insurance and supply companies, every organization works on the basis of processes without exception. The key to business success is whether the processes are transparent and adhered to by the employees. For this reason, we at GBTEC have developed a solution that is unique on the market and that ensures the necessary transparency, compliance and acceleration of your processes. BIC Process Execution directly generates executable workflows out of your business process models without the need for programming. Thanks to the powerful zero code technology and innovative, digital checklists, employees can view and carry out their work directly in the system. By using RPA (Robotic Process Automation) you also have the option of automating complex, manual tasks. With BIC Process Execution you achieve an unprecedented time-to-value and benefit from digitized workflows in record time.

Use cases in every department of your company create quick results for your digitalization

Whether approval and verification processes, personnel and financial processes, service center processes, etc., every process can be automated. Our revolutionary automation solution BIC Process Execution builds on exactly this idea. Thanks to its lightweight workflows, you can automatically generate step-by-step instructions based on your current business processes. Simple and effective!

Screenshots of BIC Process Execution

Transparency, simplicity, speed and control for your digitalization - even on the go

In reality, target and actual processes are often not congruent. Thereby, the transfer of the defined work processes into day-to-day operations doesn‘t have to be complicated or expensive. The dynamically generated workflows provided in BIC Process Execution make the difference: more transparency, better compliance and faster execution of your defined target processes at lower costs. A special highlight is the attractive design and the high usability of the application. The step-by-step representation is easy to understand for users of all departments and all necessary information can be called up directly at the process step. That way, you ensure maximum acceptance among your employees.

Digital forms enable fast data acquisition and additionally accelerate process execution. Thanks to the mobile, cloud-based application, you have access to the full range of functions even on the go and enjoy maximum flexibility and security. All workflows and forms preconfigured in BIC Process Execution can be easily adapted by Citizen Developer. The result: a business-critical software solution that is tailored to your needs and not vice versa.

Easy integration of third-party systems and robotic process automation for full performance

Almost every process is supported by IT systems. In order to guarantee a continuous and seamless process execution, the integration of existing application systems is therefore essential. With the robust plug-in framework, third-party systems can be easily integrated into BIC Process Execution. You decide whether SAP®, Microsoft Dynamics®, Salesforce®, Sharepoint®, Microsoft Office® or UiPath®. Thanks to our out-of-the-box integration solutions, interfaces to your IT systems can be seamlessly established.

In addition to integrating your application systems, you also have the option of expanding the zero code workflows contained in BIC Process Execution by low code components or robotic process automation (RPA). For example, filling Excel lists or creating forecasts can be automated easily. This relieves employees of monotonous, time-consuming work and creates more space for value-adding activities. Thanks to the powerful tool set you benefit from endless automation options, faster response times and reduced susceptibility to errors. This will keep you one step ahead of the competition and also create a first-class experience for employees and customers.

Holistic process control through extensive process monitoring for continuous improvement

BIC Process Execution enables the execution of your processes for an unlimited number of instances. This means that every business transaction can be mapped and executed using the integrated zero code workflows. The processing status and progress can be viewed at any time, regardless of which other IT systems are used in the process. As the person responsible for the process, you can easily identify weaknesses, susceptibility to errors as well as bottlenecks and make targeted process improvements.

Gain complete control of your processes with BIC Process Execution. Thanks to the integration into the process portal, you benefit from direct collaboration without delay, less information loss and more process reliability. Process execution by means of intelligent workflows not only leads to more fun at work for employees, but also to better feedback regarding possible process improvements. This is how you design your work processes efficiently and in an employee-friendly manner.

Our editions for your requirements

Choose from our three editions the right edition for your company depending on the desired level of automation and start
the future of process automatization with BIC Process Execution.


The One-Click-Edition offers you an excellent start into process automation. Users can easily turn their process documentation into executable workflows with just one mouse click.

Citizen Developer

Automate complex workflows extensively: With the Citizen-Developer-Edition, you can configure sophisticated workflows in a modular system on a no-code basis - without any programming knowledge at all.


With the Professional Edition, you can rely on a comprehensive solution for first-class workflow management. Discover how you can implement individual adaptations and smaller applications independently on a low-code basis.

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Innovation has a name: BIC Process Execution

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy in Germany (BMWi) is also in favor of our innovative digitalization and automation solution! BIC Process Execution was funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) due to its pioneering technology and the innovative possibilities for digitizing the workplace.

The fastest and cheapest way for
digitizing and automating your processes

BIC Process Execution provides the technology that you need to run your processes. Benefit from unprecedented features that revolutionize your business.

Digital checklists
Digital checklists ensure smooth and complete process execution. Benefit from fewer process errors and higher process quality.
Zero code workflows
Preconfigured workflows automate recurring work steps, are easily customizable and are tailored to your needs.
RPA integration
With RPA, employees are liberated from time-consuming, monotonous duties and can instead devote themselves to value-adding tasks.

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