No code & low code development

The Power of Low Code and the Simplicity of No Code

Experience the best of both worlds with a solution that combines the power of low code and the simplicity of no code. With BIC Process Execution, you can easily automate your processes and integrate people, technologies, data and systems into your digital workflows - without programming, just with a graphical designer.

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BIC Process Execution

What makes BIC Process Execution the #1 No Code & Low Code Platform

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    Design and deploy in the same interface

    Experience disruptive automation stemmed from simple graphical process models. Zero coding necessary!

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    Business and IT teams in perfect harmony

    Rapidly develop intelligent workflows on a common platform made for business and IT teams.

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    Building blocks and AI-powered automation

    Accelerate automation by leveraging pre-built automation blocks and AI-powered discovery of automation potentials.

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    Integrate data and IT systems with ease

    Easily integrate all your third-party systems and data without having to manually migrate each data set.

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    Joint testing and automated IT governance

    Test your apps as a team and get them smoothly approved by IT through built-in review and approval workflows.

Build enterprise apps at top speed and maximum simplicity

no-code and low-code development

Design and deploy in the same interface

  • Unlock untapped efficiency potentials by using an integrated solution that enables you to design and deploy your automation processes in a single interface
  • Create custom applications with an elegant interface that work seamlessly on any device
  • Don't waste time reinventing the wheel and kick-start your process automation with ready-to-use process templates

Business and IT in perfect harmony

  • Align business and IT on complex processes using visual design tools and universally understood standards like BPMN
  • Quickly develop automated workflows, no matter if you are a professional or citizen developer
  • Collaborate with your teammates and instantly transform automation potentials into actionable solutions

Building blocks and AI-powered automation

  • Dramatically reduce development time by ready-made solutions for digital forms, business rules, email notifications, document processing, and task automation
  • Harness the power of AI for automatic workflow generation and the discovery of untapped automation opportunities
  • Elevate your process efficiency with automated decision-making and real-time process monitoring

Integrate data and IT systems with ease

  • Quickly connect IT systems and RPA technology with pre-built industry-standard connectors and low code integration tools
  • Incorporate and seamlessly orchestrate people, systems, data, and bots within a single workflow, streamlining your operations
  • Eliminate data silos and use, manage, and keep your documents updated in one place

Testing & automated IT governance

  • Run automated tests as a team to validate and deploy applications with confidence
  • Get the green light from IT and accelerate accuracy and time to deployment by built-in review and approval workflows
  • Launch your process apps instantly and empower users to easily adjust workflows whenever needed

Launch your first application in less than 8 weeks. Guaranteed.

Turn your ideas into software applications faster than ever before. Our dedicated automation experts guide you to rapid project success and a blazing fast time-to-market. Embrace the future of application development, automate your first process in no more than 8 weeks and accelerate return on investment (ROI).

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