Process-Oriented Document Management

In process management, there is often a multitude of associated documentation. Compared to documentation requirements for operational units, those for document management are significantly higher. Typically, companies have established strict guidelines for these documents. With a process-oriented document management, you can ensure that your fellow employees are always working with the current version of documents.

Relevant information directly available thanks to extensive document management

In busines process management and especially in quality management, organizations maintain a multitude of applicable documents with strict guidelines and fixed quality standards. With process-oriented document management, maintaining documents is easily accomplished. Important information is located in process-accompanying documents, including process descriptions, procedural instructions relevant to the quality management, guidelines, legal texts and norms. The process-oriented document management reduces the effort required for ensuring these important documents are kept up to date.

Entrenching documents to the process model, the process profile and workflows or the full-text search facilitates tracking your documents and enables a structured filing. Further, process-oriented document management software is equipped with adaptive releases. At any time, documents can be checked, adapted as well as provided and communicated in the current version. Additionally, the collaboration feature enables direct feedback and knowledge transfer between all participants.

BIC Document

The easiest method for handling managed documents

With process-oriented document management, relevant documents are made easily accessible at the process level. Your colleagues can find all the information and documents they need directly in the portal. Instead of complicated system integration, BIC Process Design offers a sophisticated and transparent solution for managing documents in process and quality management.

For this, the software offers the following features:

  • Documents can be linked directly to the process model and be downloaded there
  • Collaboration features enable employees to provide feedback on processes and documents
  • A cross-departmental full-text search is available for all processes and documents
  • Single Sign-On simplifies the administration of users
  • Determination and approval of compliance responsibilities as well as the scope for document objects
  • Electronic manuals for training, certifications, and audits generated at the touch of a button

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