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Integrated Management System
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Process management, document management, quality management, risk management, compliance management - all important parts of an organization, which basically pursue the same goals: increasing corporate performance through structured organizational processes and compliance with important norms and standards. So why consider these management systems individually and not in an integrated way?

why integrated management system?

The "big picture" (IMS) in the far distance

Let us take the following example: You work in production and are faced with the process "Produce production part for hardware". In this process, it is important to keep an eye on the most diverse requirements and to implement them without errors. For example, quality management defines how the finished product should look like and which functionalities it should have. Environmental management also describes how to deal with possible waste products. Safety regulations require that you wear certain protective clothing during production and that you comply with defined protective measures during practical implementation.

In addition to your actual work, the production of important manufacturing parts, you must therefore also take into account the regulations of various management systems. Keeping track here is not always easy for you and your colleagues. It costs you an enormous amount of time to go through all the rules and regulations. It becomes particularly critical when important norms and standards are disregarded and represent a high risk for your company. Wouldn't it be easier to have all regulations, documents and processes in a central management system? Wouldn't you also like to have a global system with a uniform structure in which all important information from the most diverse areas is easily accessible?

View management systems in their entirety

An integrated management system (IMS) combines different management disciplines in one system. It enables companies to implement norms and standards uniformly and efficiently. The business processes and the IT infrastructure as well as possible risks and controls are recorded once in one system and thus offer a unique, holistic view of the different management systems and their requirements. As a production employee, you no longer have to search through endless documents and check that they are up-to-date. Instead, as a user you will find all documents and information bundled in one software. Process flows can thus be optimized and efficiency and quality increases achieved.

At the same time, the use of an integrated management system reduces the complexity of your IT infrastructure. By combining different management disciplines in just one system, you can avoid the introduction and operation of a large number of individual solutions. Personnel, time and financial resources can thus be better bundled and a continuous improvement process of your existing management systems can be implemented. An integrated management system is therefore much more meaningful and efficient than management tools that are operated separately. True to the motto "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts", you benefit from enormous synergy effects.

integrated management system software ims
integrated management system

Smart, integrated, clever: the integrated management system in BIC

With the integrated management system BIC Process Design you have an intelligent all-in-one solution at your disposal. All relevant data of the different areas, such as business processes, IT systems and key figures, are recorded once in the software and allow not only a holistic, cross-departmental view, but above all high synergy effects. By combining several disciplines in one software, only one process is available for all management systems with uniform master data. The technical and content-related maintenance effort and the associated costs are significantly reduced. By accessing all data available in BIC Process Design, valid evaluations can be created, resulting in better conclusions for the management level. At the same time, shared access to an IMS supports internal and external communication. Isolated solutions and silo thinking are resolved thanks to the software.

With an attractive user interface, extensive functions and a high level of usability, BIC Process Design also makes it easier for you to set up an integrated management system. For this purpose, the IMS software offers you configurable workflows to individually map and execute your governance processes. Further features such as full text search across all company divisions, professional document management and automatically generated manuals support you in your daily work.
With meaningful evaluations and reports on all available data and the possibility of monitoring your processes, you always have an eye on all areas and can intervene at any time. An IMS software thus enables a more efficient management of your processes, compliance requirements, documents, risks and controls and promotes a better achievement of objectives.

You too can combine the different parts of your company into a whole and use the synergetic effects, enabled by an integrated management system in BIC Process Design.

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