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with BIC Business Continuity

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Recognize problems before they ever occur

Analyze existing risks and uncover potential issues in BIC Business Continuity with prebuilt catalogs based on recognized standards. The underlying state-of-the-art technology efficiently maps your BCM processes and automatically calculates the maximum tolerated downtime for critical processes. Individual, interactive dashboards provide all key information at a glance so efficient, preventative measures can be taken to combat threats and their effects. This guarantees that in critical situations processes are, if at all, only disrupted temporarily to ensure the survival of your business. For total control, you can connect BCM to your risk management, ISMS or GDPR processes. BIC Business Continuity is highly sustainable thanks to these and other comprehensive options to configure and extend the solution. The intuitive user interface of this risk management tool also guarantees outstanding usability.

Efficient. Proactive. Trailblazing.

Secure your assets with BIC Business Continuity. Tried-and-tested business methodologies and a rapid implementation make it top choice.

Business impact analysis as an automatic basis for calculations

  • Automatically calculate the maximum tolerable downtime of critical processes via the BIA (Business Impact Analysis)
  • Use the results of the BIA to efficiently provide Management with relevant information
  • Get a holistic and immediate picture of the risk situation based on the comprehensive coverage of all aspects in the BIA
  • Stay fully informed at all times about risks and the continuation of critical business processes

Included threats and control catalog according to ISO 22301

  • Rely on well-known standards to avoid overlooking risks and always be on the safe side
  • Use ready-made risk analysis catalogs according to common standards, such as the control catalog according to ISO 22301:2019 and the threat catalog of the IT-Grundschutz from the Federal Office for Information Security 
  • Adapt the catalogs to your specific requirements
  • Master crises using the catalogs as reliable guides along the BCM processes

Business Continuity Management made easy

  • Visualize all data from the business impact analysis in the dashboard and carry out a prioritization of continuity strategies and contingency measures
  • Get an instant and comprehensive overview of all risk analysis information
  • Identify and manage high-probability as well as potentially high-impact risks quickly and efficiently
  • Display information in the desired granularity and keep a constant overview of processes, resources, and measures

Optimal crisis preparation through extensive BIC integration

  • Replace cumbersome paper documentation of emergency plans with the user-friendly BIC Business Continuity tool
  • Get clear guidance on how to get back to business quickly in crisis situations
  • Extend your contingency plans with BIC Process Design and BIC Process Execution to model and analyze detailed processes and convert them into directly executable work steps
  • Strengthen the awareness of your colleagues for emergency scenarios and crises through regular emergency exercises, thereby increasing the resilience of your processes

Teamwork has played a key role from the start and has grown even stronger. The business and technical expertise at GBTEC also played a key role in our decision for BIC.

Felix Streibich Corporate-Information-Security-Officer (CISO) / Subject Specialist Information Security, DSV

BIC Business Continuity reduces administrative work to a minimum

With BIC Business Continuity, protecting your company has never been easier. Thus you can concentrate on the truly relevant aspects of crisis prevention and management.


With BIC Business Continuity, you can configure your BCM to your changing needs, extend it with ERM, ISMS and GDPR processes, and even connect it to BIC Process Design and BIC Process Execution.

Conforms to popular standards

ISO 22301 and BSI 100-4, internationally renowned standards for BCM, provide a reliable foundation for our solution and helpful guidance during a crisis.


Aside from its built-in business expertise, BIC Business Continuity delivers the highest technical security standards whether you opt for cloud hosting or a deployment on premises.

BIC Business Continuity:
The business side

Business continuity management (BCM) is a holistic management process for planning and preparing preventative measures to maintain critical business processes in the case of disruptive internal or external events. Business continuity management, therefore, strives to continue or reinstate business activities while minimizing any financial, legal and/or reputational damages. The BIC Business Continuity solution was developed in line with internationally recognized industry standards, such as ISO/IEC 22301:2019 and BSI Standard 100-4. So you can identify relevant threats and develop critical business processes with contingency management. Create business continuity strategies that ensure ongoing operations, develop contingency plans, and enable ongoing optimization.

Excellent preparation for any crisis to get back on track quickly

BIC Business Continuity creates the basis for a quick response in crisis situations and the practicable processing of emergency plans - simple, structured and digital. That way, you emerge stronger from every crisis. Learn more about the extensive possibilities of BIC Business Continuity and the opportunities that arise through the connection to further GRC processes.

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