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BIC Process Execution:
Citizen Developer Edition

Enable your business departments to automate process flows extensively with the Citizen Developer Edition, even without programming skills. On a no-code basis, business teams configure their own complex workflows in the modular system at high speed - modular, agile and without a single line of code.

BIC Process Execution Citizen-Developer-Edition

The fastest way to digital processes

The Citizen Developer Edition is based on the One-Click Edition and extends the functionality with additional automation options. With the Citizen Developer Edition, you can automate complex workflows on a no-code basis and thus drive digitalization in your company through the people who are responsible for designing and executing the processes - your business departments. Without in-depth IT or programming knowledge, business teams can digitally map your processes, integrate third-party systems and create their own applications. If IT resources are scarce, the Citizen Developer Edition is your solution for a rapid transformation to digitalization.

Convenient editors allow business departments (the Citizen Developers) to configure custom-fit forms, email templates or decision tables as part of the process to be executed without IT support. They can start processes on a scheduled basis, send emails automatically, and generate reports at the touch of a button. The integration of third-party systems is also possible through simple configuration, ensuring consistency within process execution from start to finish. By incorporating Robotic Process Automation (RPA), you can also accelerate your processes and let IT robots handle repetitive tasks with consistently high quality. In this way, you free your employees from time-consuming workflows and provide time for more value-adding activities.

The most important advantages of the Citizen Developer Edition at a glance

In addition to the benefits of the One-Click Edition, the Citizen Developer Edition offers several other unique features that make your everyday work much easier.

Easily adapt workflows
All preconfigured workflows and forms can be easily adapted - and you don't need any in-depth IT knowledge to do so. In this way, you shape the software entirely according to your individual needs.
Advanced form editor
Create custom-fit, digital forms in a modular system that gives you endless possibilities for automation, from image and video uploads to scanning a QR code.
Task shipment fast & easy
To reduce processing time and standardize communication, you can easily configure email templates yourself. Use defined templates and send automated emails including files.
Develop, test, implement
There are various environments available for you to develop and test automated process flows. Release workflows subsequently implement your digital process in a matter of seconds.
Integrate third-party systems & RPA
Use state-of-the-art RPA technology to free your employees from repetitive tasks. To facilitate process execution, third-party systems relevant to the workflow can be integrated.
Schedule time-based triggers
Automate process creation and save time by scheduling processes in advance. Use end-to-end process triggers to initiate subsequent processes depending on end states in linked cases.

Typical use cases for the Citizen Developer Edition

Automate complex process flows with the Citizen Developer Edition and benefit from resource-efficient processes that make a difference.

process intelligence icon

Case monitoring
and audit management

Convince your auditor with processes that are executed the way you specified them. Thanks to integrated case monitoring, all business transactions of a process can be viewed transparently and are stored in form of an audit trail. Clear dashboards with all important key figures provide information about the performance of your process and quality management and let you shine in front of your auditor.

icon document

Release steps with
complex document controls

Create, edit, review, release: The steps from drafting to publishing certain documents can be very complex and involve different parties. Master the various review and approval steps using automated workflows and create transparency for all parties involved. This makes document management fast, easy and error-free.

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Integration of different
applications along the process

You want to integrate third-party systems such as SAP®, Microsoft Office®, Salesforce® or UiPath® to link your processes with your IT ecosystem? With our out-of-the-box integration solutions, we seamlessly interface your IT systems and operational processes. With applications like RPA, you can also easily automate tasks like filling Excel lists.

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