Three editions, numerous possibilities

BIC Process Execution

Make the right choice for your needs. Whether you are a starter or an expert, a small team or a large corporation - in our extensive range of features for successful workflow management with BIC Process Execution, you are guaranteed to find the right edition for you and your automation and digitalization plans!


Automated processes
with one mouse click

The ideal introduction to workflow management for teams: Automate and digitize your business processes with just one mouse click.

One-Click includes

  • Unlimited Processes
  • Unlimited Cases
  • Integrated Process Modeling
  • Ready-to-use Digital Forms
  • Comprehensive Task Management
  • Extensive Reporting & Monitoring

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Citizen Developer

No-Code platform for process
automation without programming

Automate complex workflows on a no-code basis and convert your business processes into executable processes - without any programming knowledge.

Includes One-Click and additionally

  • Advanced Form Fields
  • Extensive Automation Options
  • Integration of RPA
  • Automated Task Management
  • Custom Validations

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Low-code platform for
extended process automation

Create individual, digital applications on a low-code basis for extensive process automation that is perfectly tailored to your requirements.

Includes Citizen Developer and additionally

  • Integration of third-party systems via REST API
  • Integration of Webhooks
  • Event Stream Export


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Detailed Feature Comparison

BIC Process Execution


Citizen Developer


Case Management
Fully Integrated Platform (Modeling and Execution)

Process documentation and execution documentation in a single point of truth. Your process documentation always fits the execution because there is only one definition of your process.

Full BPMN and EPC Support

Choose your notation to describe your processes. We execute everything and are not depending on a specific notation.

Unlimited Processes and cases

Run an unlimited number of processes and cases as collaborative workflows with your teams.

Integrated Audit Trail

Always know what happend in a case. You can easily see at any time the current state and history of the case.

Role Assignment

Assign process roles to users and user groups to define the responsibilities for executing tasks.

User and Group Tasks

Assign tasks to specific users to ensure that the right person is working on the task or organize the work easily by using group tasks for a better distribution of the workload.

Delegation of Tasks

Delegate tasks to other persons, if you are not the right one to do the job.

Comprehensive Progress Tracking

Track the progress of your cases and see what is done and what the team is working on.

Due Dates

Make deadlines transparent for the team. Set due dates for tasks based on available case data.

Push Notifications

Stay informed about new events in your cases.

Mobile (Progressive Web App)

Boost the experience and operational productivity by accessing your work items wherever you are on any device.


Communicate and collaborate with your team on tasks to get things done. You can even add files to provide more information.

Deputy tasks

Allow other people to work on your tasks while you are out of the office.

Generated Forms

Get generated forms for each task based on the process description to provide the right information to execute the task.

Decision Points

Get decisions on gateways automatically integrated in the form so that the task owner can easily decide.

Rule Based Tasks (DMN)

Use rule based tasks to simplify your processes and get a generated user form to execute the decision if needed.

File Download and Upload

Attach documents to your tasks. The process description defines who has access to the documents and makes them available to all people who have to work with them.

Form Editor with 10+ basic form fields

Use forms to ask the user for structured data like dates, strings, formatted text, numbers, dropdowns, checkboxes, URLs, email addresses, file uploads, etc.

Dynamic Customized Forms

Make forms intelligent by showing fields based on case data: conditional form field visibility, conditional mandatory fields, etc.

Email Templates

Provide email templates to unify your communication to external stakeholders and reduce the processing time for the task owner.

Custom Validations

Validate the data to improve the consistency and quality of your data.

Rich Content (Video, Images, etc.)

Add images and videos to your forms to provide rich content for a better understanding of the task.

Special Mobile Options (QR Code Scaner, etc.)

Take a picture or scan a QR code on your mobile device as input for your form.

Case Monitoring

Real time process compliance overview. See where cases and tasks are not being completed (in time) across all your processes.

Case Dashboards

Visualize your case data for a process on different charts and widgets.

Event Stream Export

Export an event stream of your cases to analyze all the executions in depth in a mining tool.

Automation and Integration
Rule based tasks (DMN)

Automatic rule based workflow routing.

Service Tasks (REST)

Use other applications' REST API to integrate your process easily with third party systems.

Email Tasks

Send emails automatically with a predefined template or receive an email and create a new case.

Scheduled Process and Time based Triggers

Automate your process instantiation and save time with scheduled processes.

Individual Reports

Create a report for a case with all your case data and show it to external stakeholders.

Bot Tasks (RPA)

Connect RPA to automate repetitive or simple tasks and ease the work for your employees.

End-to-End Process Triggers

Trigger subsequent processes depending on end states and connect cases to see the full picture (inter-process integration).

Different Environments (DEV, TEST, PROD)

Test your automation and integration and get a deployment approval before setting the process productive.


With Webhooks your application can subscribe to specific events to get a call every time something relevant happens.

API Access

Use our REST API to build your own integrations with external systems.

Custom Service Task Handler

Add your own implementations to the workflow if a REST API is not sufficient or not available.

Security and Compliance
Access and Start Restrictions

Make sure your employees only see processes that they need for their work and control who can start a new case of a specific process.

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