GBTEC Whitepaper: How Companies Boost Their Process Automation with Citizen Developers

GBTEC's new whitepaper illustrates the benefits of using Citizen Developers for companies. A real-life customer example provides insights into practice and shows how automation projects can be implemented quickly and easily.

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    Citizen developers are taking on an increasingly important role in the digital transformation of companies.

With its new whitepaper "Citizen Developer: Overcoming Coding Challenges to Boost Process Automation", Bochum-based BPM and GRC specialist GBTEC Software AG offers useful information for anyone who wants to accelerate their digital transformation with automated business processes without burdening the IT department. In addition to the challenges and added value of Citizen Development, GBTEC uses a customer example to show how Citizen Developers support IT in everyday business. The whitepaper is available free of charge on the GBTEC website:

Manual processes are still everyday occurrences in many companies today. As a result, organizations not only waste time and money - manual processing also leads to an increase in errors. However, developing a multitude of automated workflows to replace manual processes is increasingly pushing IT departments to their limits, because skilled workers are often in short supply.

Citizen developers, however, use no-code/low-code automation to create digital workflows in the shortest possible time - without the need for extensive programming skills. They are therefore playing an increasingly important role in the digital transformation of companies. The world's leading market research company, Gartner, estimates that by 2023 the number of active citizen developers will be at least four times as high as the number of professional developers.

In the new whitepaper, GBTEC explains exactly what Citizen Developers are and how they can drive the digitalization of BPM. Using clear examples, definitions and a real customer example, GBTEC highlights how companies benefit from the added value of Citizen Developers and accelerate their process automation. Since many companies are still hesitant to use the potential of Citizen Developers for their process automation, GBTEC concludes by answering three frequently asked questions on this topic.

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