Whitepaper: How companies can automate their processes quickly and easily

GBTEC's new whitepaper shows why automation is a key driver for successful growth. GBTEC illustrates how companies easily implement process automation using the right technologies to save time and money in the long run.

    Cover Whitepaper Process Automation

    Cover: Process Automation Whitepaper

    Infographic Automation in Departments

    Increasing number of departments automating their processes (source: Workato Work Automation Index, 2021)

    Example BIC Process Execution

    Example: Vacation request in BIC Process Execution

With its new whitepaper "Ultimate guide to easy process automation with no-code and low-code workflows", the BPM and GRC specialist GBTEC Software AG offers a detailed basis for anyone who wants to get started in process automation and reap the benefits of automated business processes. Using a step-by-step guide, GBTEC, based in Bochum, Germany, shows how to get started successfully with process automation. You can download the whitepaper free of charge from GBTEC's website (

Analog processes not only cost time and money, they are also prone to errors. Nevertheless, they are still the order of the day in many companies. This is precisely where process automation comes in play: manual activities are transformed into digital workflows and repetitive tasks are automated and significantly accelerated by suitable software solutions. Automation relieves employees of redundant work so that they can devote themselves to higher-value tasks.

In addition to the most important benefits of process automation for everyday work, the whitepaper highlights the added value of no-code and low-code workflows for digital transformation in companies. Digitalization projects are often still accompanied by costly IT efforts, but modern technologies such as no-code/low-code application development enable digital projects to be realized entirely without programming costs. In this way, even business users without in-depth IT knowledge can successfully implement digitalization projects.

But how exactly do companies start their process automation? The whitepaper contains a checklist that organizations can use to identify whether they are ready for automation. In a seven-step plan, GBTEC summarizes which processes are suitable for automation and which steps are necessary in the initial phase.

For those who want to get started right away and create digital workflows with just a few clicks, the whitepaper also explains how organizations can automate their business processes with process templates in no time at all. GBTEC describes how companies can adapt these automation templates regardless of their industry and concludes with answers to frequently asked questions about process automation.

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