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Challenges in healthcare

The healthcare industry is currently facing a variety of challenges that can impact the performance of any medical organization. Whether it's rapidly evolving and complex government regulations, the aftermath of the Corona pandemic, new disruptive technological and digital innovations including privacy issues, coupled with increased patient expectations, the healthcare industry will have to completely reimagine itself in the coming years. Such new challenges, which affect almost all healthcare systems in the Western world, can be mastered with digital technologies:

  • Demographic change: More and more elderly people need to be treated
  • Rising costs: Expensive medical innovations must be paid for
  • Increasing shortage of specialists: people in rural areas also need medical care

An electronic medical record, the measurement of health data via app or the video consultation with the doctor: Some digital technologies are already being used in the healthcare system, but there is still considerable room for improvement. They offer great potential, for example, to create new diagnostic and treatment options and to simplify communication between doctors, patients and individual service providers.

Solutions for healthcare

With effective business process management (BPM), healthcare industry institutions can structure and solve digitalization, process and compliance challenges. A BPM tool helps to establish the basis for automating administrative processes, achieving cost transparency in the face of rising healthcare costs, and organizing compliance and data protection issues in a management system.

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Transparent modeling, analysis, optimization and control of your healthcare processes
Model your processes intuitively, analyze bottlenecks in billing and payment processes, and identify potential cost savings within your service delivery processes.

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Process automation and workflow management as an innovative booster for your digital transformation
Identify automation potential for administrative processes in healthcare, transform repetitive tasks into tasks automated by bots and save a lot of processing time.

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Established governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) management for complete data protection and optimal transparency
Document, track, and report compliance with regulatory and third-party privacy mandates and gain holistic visibility into the GRC operations of your hospital or medical office.

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Data-based analysis and process optimization for higher efficiency, productivity and patient satisfaction
Uncover inadequate resource allocations for staff shortages, simulate improvement suggestions, and optimize patient satisfaction using real-time data.

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We chose BIC because GBTEC offers a future-proof, easy-to-integrate GRC solution that optimally supports the continual development of our integrated risk management solution.

Reto Gugger Project manager, Visana Health & Accident Insurance

Optimize healthcare processes with process mining

In the healthcare sector and thus also in hospitals and medical centers, waiting times are a major burden - both for patients and for employees, because many waiting patients mean additional stress for the staff. Targeted analyses of treatment appointments based on real data can help reduce waiting times and positively influence the treatment process. With the help of process mining technology, hospitals or medical practices, for example, can identify the key factors behind long waiting times and derive concrete process optimizations from them that make the daily lives of medical staff and patients much easier. Existing data from digital appointment calendars can be used, for example, to gain insights into patients' adherence to appointments - through anonymization even without using sensitive data. Based on the results of a process mining analysis, process improvements can be initiated that precisely target the identified weak points.
With continuous monitoring of real-time data in the BIC Platform's professional process mining tool, BIC Process Mining, high-quality, data-driven process optimization also takes place in the long term, offering numerous advantages:

  • Create optimal basis for extensive analyses
  • Discover weak points and increase efficiency
  • Carry out resource and patient-oriented process optimizations
  • Identify automation potentials and relieve personnel

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