Information security management: far beyond technical support

An information security management system (ISMS) describes a formal, documented process to systematically administer sensitive data across the organization based on a series of procedures. An effective ISMS is implemented and operated by both IT and the executive team and, therefore, cannot be viewed as a purely technical issue.

Standardized guidelines and specifications as orientation

Standardized guidelines and specifications can be used as a basis for information security, such as ISO/IEC 27001, BSI-Grundschutz or other IT-Grundschutz standards and norms. Threats and vulnerabilities in processes, systems, servers and applications (i.e., assets) within the ISMS are analyzed and evaluated, while measures and controls are set and monitored for effectiveness. By using specialized ISMS software, companies can digitalize and professionalize their ISMS and all related business processes. This creates a wide range of benefits for companies, from supporting a planned certification to providing an opportunity to dovetail risk management or compliance management with information security.

How does an information security management system add value?

The overriding goal of an ISMS is to minimize risk and ensure business continuity by proactively anticipating, assessing and limiting the impact of a security breach. Established ISMS processes help companies achieve the objectives that drive success and thereby add a strategic contribution to higher IT security.

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Fulfilling objectives regarding protection
Introduce information security controls to ensure trust, integrity and availability of the protected information and assets.

process optimization

Improve maturity level
Increase the effectiveness of the controls in information security as part of regular reporting.

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Receive certification
Obtain certification based on ISO/IEC 27001 for internal purposes or as evidence for third parties.

What is important to keep in mind with an ISMS?

Organizations should take all relevant challenges into consideration at an early stage of the ISMS implementation to ensure its success. One prime example is closing talent gaps in cybersecurity. Many CISOs realize that they don't have adequate personnel to counter every cyberthreat that their companies face each day. They also need to recognize the attack surfaces of the organization with regard to information security. Reacting to a security breach is challenging enough, but predicting one is even harder. Dealing with insider threats is another key issue to consider during the implementation of an ISMS tool because the human element is one of the most difficult factors to predict. It is essentially impossible to eliminate this insider threat because people are fallible in a way that machines and algorithms are not. Intentional breaches of guidelines, such as unauthorized access to sensitive information, must be addressed as well.

What are the advantages of an ISMS software solution?

Our ISMS software BIC enables organizations to build a future-proof, efficient management system based on the ISMS ISO standard or ISMS BSI Grundschutz.

  • Manage and improve the entire security process in a common IT security solution.
  • Maintain a complete overview of the security status of your company.
  • Evaluate the control mapping individually based on the required context.
  • Calculate the maturity level of your processes automatically based on various standards, for example actual-target maturity using CMMI or radar charts.
  • Derive requirements from laws and standards using control mappings.
Information security management software

Which BIC solution is right for me?

Whether you prefer a custom designed or pre-built ISMS solution, GBTEC offers the right software for your Information security management. BIC Information Security is a pre-built, out-of-the-box solution that covers the requirements of ISO 27001, while BIC BSI Grundschutz was developed based on BSI Grundschutz. A custom BIC GRC solution, in comparison, is mapped to your needs with a tailored fit and can integrate additional processes such as GPDR if desired.

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