Information Security Management: Far Beyond Technical Support

An Information Security Management System (ISMS) is a formal and documented process that includes various steps to systematically manage sensitive data within an organization. It is essentially a framework that enables information to be protected from various threats, risks, and attacks. Getting the most out of an ISMS tool requires collaborative implementation and project leadership from both IT and business management. In this context, information security should not only be viewed as a purely technical matter, but as a holistic task that includes all aspects of the organization.

Standardized Guidelines and Specifications

Information security is based on clear guidelines and specifications that come from widely recognized standards such as ISO/IEC 27001, BSI Grundschutz, or other norms in accordance with IT Grundschutz (IT Basic Protection) and the EU GDPR.

An ISMS enables businesses to analyze and evaluate threats and weaknesses in processes, systems, servers, as well as assets. This helps them take targeted measures and set controls to ensure highest levels of safety. The effectiveness of these steps can be continuously monitored.

By using supporting ISMS software, companies can digitalize and professionalize their information security management. This affects both the ISMS itself and the associated business processes, which offers completely new possibilities and advantages to the company. For example, ISMS software helps to attain important certifications that are essential for establishing trust with customers and partners. Furthermore, it creates the opportunity to seamlessly link one’s risk management and compliance processes with information security. 

What Added Value Does an ISMS Bring?

Information and data are extremely valuable assets for companies, which, especially regarding the constantly increasing threats in the digital world, must be protected around the clock. The more sensitive and extensive this data is, the more risk it entails. This is where an ISMS comes in as it minimizes that risk and ensures the continuity of business operations by anticipating, evaluating and mitigating the impact of any security breach, data leak, or cyber-attack.

With the help of established ISMS processes, companies can achieve goals critical to success and make a significant strategic contribution to the long-term increase in IT security. This sensitizes employees and creates a collective, company-wide awareness about the importance of information security.

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Meet Protection Objectives
Information security controls ensure sustained protection and availability of critical information and assets.

process optimization

Improve Maturity
Structured controls and regular reporting enable the continuous improvement of security practices in the company.

Attain Certifications
Obtaining a relevant certification (e.g., ISO/IEC 27001) creates trust and ensures the company's long-term ability to act.

Tips for Introducing Information Security Management

When introducing an ISMS tool, it is particularly important to consider relevant aspects at an early stage to ensure success.

Dealing with Skills Shortages

Many security officers (CISOs) face the challenge of not having enough cyber security experts in their own organization to adequately counter the ever-growing cyber threats to their business. Possible solutions could be to retrain existing employees, to outsource cyber security tasks to external service providers, or to set up interdisciplinary teams that cover relevant skills more broadly. Undoubtedly, the most effective and resource-saving measure is introducing ISMS software, which automates processes and allows security professionals to focus on more strategic tasks.

Identifying Weaknesses

No company is, by nature, well-equipped to withstand all possible threats to their information security. Nowadays, this applies all the more as it is difficult to anticipate targeted attacks in today’s fast-paced world of cyber threats. Therefore, the focus should be on identifying potential vulnerabilities of the organization itself that could threaten its integrity and reputation in the future. For companies, recognizing these potential points of attack is the necessary first step that enables them to take proactive safety measures and react quickly to security breaches if they occur.

Defusing Internal Threats

Some threats come directly from within the company. This includes unintentional and intentional security policy violations, such as unauthorized access to sensitive data. Regular internal training is essential, as well-informed employees often act as the first line of defense against potential security breaches. By understanding the importance of conscious behaviors when handling sensitive data and digital assets, very much everyone in the company can do their bit in mitigating overall risk, from identifying phishing emails to correctly managing passwords.

Benefits of an ISMS Software Solution

Our ISMS software, BIC Information Security, enables the development of a future-proof and efficient management system, either according to ISMS ISO standard or ISMS BSI Grundschutz.

  • Efficient Process Management
    Manage and improve the entire security process in a unified IT security solution, from the identification and assessment of risks to the implementation of control measures
  • Security Status Overview
    Identify critical weaknesses, monitor security measures, and track how well prepared your company is against security threats and potential breaches
  • Customized Control Assignments
    Use the control mapping function to individually assign controls depending on the specific objectives of each department or team within your organization
  • Maturity Assessment According to Standards
    Determine the maturity level (both target and actual) of your processes according to various standards (e.g., CMMI and evaluation via spider web)
  • Compliance with Norms and Standards
    Identify requirements from norms, laws, and standards (e.g., ISO), and ensure that your ISM complies with all applicable regulations and guidelines

Which BIC Solution is Right for Me?

No matter whether you are looking for a customized or out-of-the-box ISMS solution - at GBTEC, you will find the right software for your information security management. 

Our ready-to-use solution BIC Information Security meets all the requirements of ISO 27001. Alternatively, BSI Grundschutz can also be chosen. However, if you prefer a more individual approach, BIC Custom GRC gives you the opportunity to adapt the tool exactly to your specific needs and to integrate any number of additional GDPR processes.

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BIC Custom GRC

BIC Custom GRC offers flexible custom solutions that can be tailored to your unique processes.

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BIC Information Security

BIC Information Security is our intuitive standardized solution that meets common standards and is easy to implement. 

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