New year. New opportunities. New wins.

The new year brings a big change that will create new perspectives for your GRC and process management. We are looking forward to the new opportunities for both you and us within the GBTEC Group and are highly motivated to expand on our further joint success.

avedos became GBTEC

Since May 2020, avedos has been a proud member of GBTEC, a specialist for business process management based in Bochum, Germany. In 2022 the time has come to take the next step together. In order to collaborate more closely and visualize this unity within the group, we operate under the joint brand GBTEC starting in 2022. This means, avedos has become GBTEC with the start of the year.

As a new part of GBTEC, we will continue to develop GRC offerings as a separate product line within the corporate group. This fourth product line will extend the existing offerings at GBTEC: BIC Process Design, BIC Process Execution and BIC Process Mining.

This step raises the possibilities to integrate GRC and business process management (BPM) on a new level. For the first time, you will also be able to implement different GRC and BPM processes in a common product offering with a common user experience. We are convinced that managing business operations and making decisions based on risk awareness creates the foundation for successful enterprise management. With our new positioning in the GBTEC Group, we offer everything you need to obtain that goal. You also profit from the new possibilities to extend your GRC investment and develop our tool in line with your changing needs.

risk2value became BIC GRC solutions

avedos became GBTEC and risk2value will also be rebranded as BIC GRC solutions. The risk2value GRC platform, with all of the functions, modules and solutions that you know and trust, is known as BIC GRC solutions starting in 2022. The risk2value standard solutions are rebranded as well:

  • risk2value ERM solution became BIC Enterprise Risk
  • risk2value BCM solution became BIC Business Continuity
  • risk2value DPMS solution became BIC Data Protection
  • risk2value ISMS ISO solution became BIC Information Security
  • risk2value ISMS BSI solution became BIC BSI Grundschutz

Your questions, our answers

Samuel Brandstätter, founder and CEO of avedos, explains the changes and answers the most important questions for users of risk2value. Watch the video (in German) or read our FAQ.

Why became avedos GBTEC?

  • We want to achieve clear, strong market communications for the complete offerings across the group.
  • As the GBTEC Group, we want to bring all product lines on track for international markets – with the goal of becoming the leader for the digitalization of enterprise processes.

Our company uses risk2value. Will anything change with regard to our current contract or licensing? What will change for us as a client?

  • avedos as a company will remain as it is, simply under a new name.
  • The renaming will have no effect on existing contracts.

I work closely with various employees at avedos. Will there be any general changes regarding my contacts? Will there still be an office in Vienna?

  • Your known contacts will remain as usual.
  • The office and team in Vienna are here for you.

I have profited from new risk2value versions in the past. Will the ongoing development of risk2value continue?

  • Absolutely! The risk2value platform will be developed further under the brand BIC GRC.
  • We will, however, utilize the broader technological capabilities in the group to generate more value for our clients.
  • The group is working hard to integrate the technologies and solutions in order to offer clients more effective ways to interconnect governance and operations.

I want to use risk2value in our company for years to come. Will anything change with risk2value support?

  • No, there will still be a specialized support team for BIC GRC.

I want to extend my GRC processes as needed in the future. What will change in the product offering?

  • You will profit from new and extended capabilities resulting from the close integration of the product lines and technologies.
  • The existing architecture lays the foundation for future developments.
  • We are also devoting more resources to extend our offerings for packaged standard solutions.

I want to extend my GRC platform. Are the offerings of the GBTEC Group compatible with risk2value?

  • Yes. We are working to closely connect the solutions.
  • Interconnecting the business processes with ICS and risk management is our first use case.

Whom can I contact with any further questions?

  • Please do not hesitate to contact your account manager if you have any further questions.

Do you have any questions?

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