The future of automation.
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Do you want to drive automation in your company and take the next step? Rely on the use of Robotic Process Automation and be one step ahead of your competitors! The targeted use of robotics will open up new potential for your entire company. BIC RPA provides the virtual workforce you need to free your employees from monotonous, repetitive tasks and let them concentrate on value-creating work that requires human intelligence.


Shaping the future of process automation with RPA

Are you looking for a solution that speeds up your processes, minimizes human errors and saves costs? With BIC RPA, you are relying on a tool that drives digital transformation and thus enables a future-oriented work environment that previously seemed impossible. Through the targeted use of Robotic Process Automation, you increase the quality and speed of your business processes and that way achieve a long-term competitive advantage. Automate repetitive work through bots and finally make time for the really important tasks again.

Reach the next level of automation.
With our innovative tool BIC RPA.

Activities automated by robots are reliable, error-free, fast, safe and available at all times. With the intelligent use of the latest technology for robotic process automation, you will be a pioneer in digital transformation.


Design a robot that perfectly suits you

Benefit from our extensive repertoire of templates and pre-built components and create a software robot that is graphically and visually tailored to your ideas and requirements. The robots are easy-to-use and can be implemented using the intuitive drag-and-drop function. Thanks to our zero code application and the high level of user-friendliness, your employees can work with BIC RPA without much training. With the help of the collaborative function and the problem-free connection to, for example, Outlook or Excel, there is nothing standing in the way of working together with our innovative automation software.

Smart collaboration between humans and robots

The robots of BIC RPA can either work independently or act together with your employees in a team. In the case of supervised automation, your digital helpers jointly work with you on tasks that still require human intervention. Whereas the unattended automation enables your robots to work autonomously, making repetitive back-office activities for your employees a thing of the past. Thanks to the most advanced technologies based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the bots are able to constantly develop themselves and are always by your side to automate your business processes.

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robotic process automation software

The activities of Robotic Process Automation always in view

Would you like to use your bots in a targeted manner and not lose track of them? With the help of the comprehensive management dashboard, you can easily manage your bots and use them where they are needed, according to your individual requirements. Have everything under control at all times, even on the go, and let our mobile application inform you in real time about the progress and process performance of Robotic Process Automation. Thanks to the extensive dashboards, you are always well prepared for audits and fully convince your auditor during your next inspection.

Start now and automate your digital future today

The targeted use of our RPA software will tremendously increase the efficiency in your company.
 Benefit from the advantages of BIC RPA.

Innovative technologies
Always be up to date thanks to the use of the latest technologies and the integration of a powerful API.
Entire automation lifecycle
With BIC RPA, you acquire a software that covers the entire automation cycle in your business.
Flexible provision
Select the right option for you and choose between on-premises, private cloud or public cloud installation.

The future of
digital transformation
starts now!

Do you want to relieve your employees of time-consuming work and automate your business processes? Your digital workforce in the form of software robots will actively support you in doing so.

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Let bots take over time-consuming tasks in the future. By using BIC RPA, you can not only increase the productivity of your employees, but also increase their satisfaction in their daily work.

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Thanks to our smart automation solution, you quickly cut costs in your entire company and minimize the susceptibility to errors, especially for repetitive tasks.

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With BIC RPA you choose an end-to-end platform that leaves nothing to be desired. From workflow automation to active management and monitoring, we are always at your side.

With BIC RPA you benefit from holistic software that supports you in automating your processes throughout your company. That way you achieve enormous increases in productivity, higher customer and employee satisfaction, far-reaching cost reductions and thus increased added value in your company.

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